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Offices cellular operators "VimpelCom" and "Megaphone"

Offices cellular operators "VimpelCom" and "Megaphone" Offices cellular operators "VimpelCom" and "Megaphone" in Grozny today were pelted with eggs. Unidentified also cut in several places of the communication cable. " It is known that the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov took off today with national competition sights "Russia-10" Mosque "Heart of Chechnya", which was held in the final round of the draft with the second place. This decision was taken after the massive complaints of inhabitants of the republic that evening on August 29 of the votes cast by SMS-messages are no longer counted. Kadyrov said that official confirmation of the number of votes is not true. Cellular operators receiving the message voters have not committed any fraud, said on condition of anonymity, an employee of "Megaphone". He confirmed that on August 29 part of SMS-messages with the voices of participants was not considered due to the low power servers. According to him, the cellular companies promised to eliminate misunderstanding. Unidentified started throwing eggs offices operators after Ramzan Kadyrov took "Heart of Chechnya" from the competition, said a resident of Grozny Islam K. "This was the signal for his tricks," - he said. Locals also complained about the lack of mobile communication due to the fact that the hooligans damaged cable connection.

Internet "Caucasian Knot"

Опубликовано:   31-08-2013, 20:16      |      Категория:  eng news

In Vanino customs changed number
12-07-2013, 20:45, eng news
In Vanino customs changed number "hotline." Now, instead of 8 (42137) 7-32-24 should dial 8 (42137) 050303. As RIA «VladNews» the press service of the customs, the reception of subscribers coming on...
On May Day in Vladivostok will block traffic (es)
29-04-2013, 15:00, eng news
First of May due to the holiday parade some of the streets of Vladivostok will be closed to vehicular traffic......
Today, July 12 in the building of the newspaper
13-07-2013, 02:46, eng news
Today, July 12 in the building of the newspaper "Vladivostok" at the People's Avenue, 13 met volunteers of social movement "We Are Together" with representatives of the media. Among those looking for...
Residents of Vladivostok were trying to steal in the
12-05-2013, 18:20, eng news
It is established that the detainees have repeatedly been tried for theft and crimes related to drug trafficking......
Pacific Fleet detachment returned to Vladivostok from the African campaign
2-04-2013, 02:11, eng news
On the way to home-based squad from 14 to 18 April, will go to the South Korean port of Busan. The arrival of the detachment to Vladivostok scheduled for the end of this month......
In Vladivostok, a scandal erupted around the construction site in the city center
30-03-2013, 05:10, eng news
Construction deployed in the immediate vicinity of the famous home of Eleanor Prey - the Post Lane - provoked vivid and sharp public reaction Vladivostok. To discuss the conflict joined museum...
The President said that particularly unfavorable
13-08-2013, 22:46, eng news
The President said that the situation is particularly unfavorable to the floods developed in the Amur region: in the Zeya River basin flooded 32 settlements, disrupted traffic, evacuated 1200 people....
On Saturday, September 14 held in Vladivostok
16-09-2013, 14:00, eng news
On Saturday, September 14 in Vladivostok competitions on contemporary forms of dance. Participants DANCE PLANE surprised not only the residents and visitors of the city, but also its rivals...
Victory Day in Vladivostok will host a series of events
8-05-2013, 12:20, eng news
This year, the mayor ordered to organize a massive and colorful celebration on May 9 to provide new activities and tap into new urban areas. (PROGRAM)......
Russian mass media inform, that on the next Monday
1-07-2013, 16:30, eng news
Russian mass media inform, that on the next Monday "United Russia" will present to the Council of the state Duma of new candidates for this position. The most likely contender to become Tatyana...

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