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First-translation boiler room number 10 on the coal Pawlowski

First-translation boiler room number 10 on the coal Pawlowski First-translation boiler room number 10 on the coal Pawlowski cut - will be completed this year. The second - the construction of a new thermal network to connect subscribers boiler number 11 and number 25 - next year. As a result, two worn-out boiler will be dismantled, their load "transferred" to "ten". Technical re-boiler number 10 will significantly reduce the cost of fuel, the heat input to make better and more reliable. Now is the tenth boiler change and land planning, installation of retaining walls under the coal storage and coal bunkers. Already poured foundations for pump group and balanced flues. The building of the main body will be partially dismantled. The updated "top ten" will have three coal-fired boiler. In the coming days, will begin installing them. "The tenth, eleventh and twenty-fifth boilers fired with almost all Tavrichanka - said the chief engineer of the branch" Artemovskii "State Unitary Enterprise" Primteploenergo "Alexei Shcherbakov. - There are twenty-fourth heavy oil boiler. It is also taken into account in the boundary routine. In the future, this will translate into the boiler room and coal. "

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The last point is delivered by the court in the case on the murder of
25-06-2013, 12:16, eng news
The last point is delivered by the court in the case on the murder of the candidate in mayors of Dalnegorsk Dmitry Фотьянова. After almost seven years convicted last participant in this acclaimed all...
Among the places where you can swim, and now Bay Keta
29-04-2013, 15:00, eng news
The opening of the summer season this year is scheduled for June 15......
May 18 Savings invites you to
17-05-2013, 12:20, eng news
"Green Marathon" which will take place simultaneously in 42 cities across the country, including Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. Members will support a healthy lifestyle and XXII Olympic Winter Games in...
Environmentalists Primorye today welcomed the
23-03-2013, 02:53, eng news
Employees of the Department of Forestry in the Far Eastern Federal District and the experts of the World Wildlife Fund is to meet the "Earth Hour" in a raid in the Bikin River in Primorye......
In Vladivostok, road repairs began on the North, Tereshkova and Borisenko
24-05-2013, 13:20, eng news
This year, on the orders of the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev implemented ambitious plans for the construction and repair of roads......
The first Russian
3-09-2013, 15:46, eng news
The first Russian helicopter type "Mistral" will be served in Vladivostok in the enterprise "Dalzavod." "Mistral" will serve "Dalzavod" in an interview with the channel "Russia 24" Deputy Prime...
Coastal transport Prosecutor's office audited
4-06-2013, 19:47, eng news
Coastal transport Prosecutor's office audited for compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on Federal property while carrying out business activities open joint...
In Vladivostok, a strong wind tore the facade again house
8-04-2013, 14:50, eng news
In the capital of Primorye strong wind tore the facade flats again. Facing the house on Ocean Avenue, 140 will be restored this week, to the environment. Strong wind tore the facade in Vladivostok...
6-7 September in Vladivostok will work far Eastern
10-06-2013, 16:45, eng news
6-7 September in Vladivostok will work far Eastern investment Congress «far East: the vector of the investment cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region». As the correspondent of ROME «VladNews» in the...
In Primorye, five children and a man blew over
29-07-2013, 12:30, eng news
In the police Ussuriysk over the weekend turned 40-year-old woman and told her that the strong river current took her stepfather and five year old boy. The debtor failed to Primorye chosen neighbor...

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