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On Thursday in Vladivostok expected heavy rain

On Thursday in Vladivostok expected heavy rain

In the next day Primorye would fall between the two cyclones. The region will dominate the weather rain. At night the temperature will be +11 +16 ° C, in the mountainous areas of the thermometer dropped to +4 +9 °. Day the air warms up to +19 +26 oC.

In the evening, to the south-western districts of Primorye nearer fronts cyclones moving from China to the north of the Korean Peninsula and the Sea of Japan, will begin here a little rain.

During Vladivostok clouds, rain, evening of August 28 possible light rain. Wind north, on the afternoon of southern moderate to strong. Temperatures of +14 +16 ° C at night, +20 +22 oC.

Main worsening weather in the province is expected in the afternoon on August 29 when a cyclone will be released in the Sea of Japan. Rains in the southern half of the strong. On the coast, the wind strengthened. In the morning and in the afternoon of Thursday, August 29 heavy rain is expected with rainfall of 15-40 mm in 12 hours or less.

All of these basic services instructed to be prepared to eliminate the effects caused by these adverse weather conditions. The heads of the enterprises of different types of property recommended to organize this duty period, a reserve fuel, materials, spare parts, carry out the activities excluding flooding equipment. Drivers of all types of vehicles are asked to observe extra caution when driving through the city.

In the case of loss of a significant amount of rainfall is possible discharge of water from reservoirs Bogatinskogo and Pioneer Services' Primvodokanala. " This can cause flooding of floodplains Sedanka and rich. MOE recommends that people limit the presence in these areas.

On Thursday in Vladivostok expected heavy rain

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