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Recall Moving students this year is going according to

Recall Moving students this year is going according to Recall Moving students this year is under the new scheme, which has developed and is implementing management company CHI CAMPUS MANAGEMENT. The system has already proved to be an effective and well-built at all stages, actors worked their actions to automatism. Total management company raised for assistance during check-in assistants from among 60 students a year who have lived on campus. - In the opinion of guys like myself and think, the settlement went very well - says Sergey process rector Palo Iwaniec. - This year is all you need, we have reduced in the same building in a single chain: check-in counters a lot of work to avoid long queues here - payment and issuance of residence permits. The new scheme of settlement, as well as the work of the management company and assistants positive view of themselves and the students. - Everything is quick and very convenient - the check-in took me 15 minutes, - the 2nd year student of the School of Engineering Palo Umed Muniev. - This year, populated by a lot of students, but it all goes well: a lot of work stands for Registration, assistants are friendly, know their work and clearly explain everything. Very comfortable and what we started to walk shuttles that leads to the buildings. At the time of settlement of the students work Hotline 8-800-550-3838 call where you can specify the necessary information. For those children who are already living on campus, opened another hotline 201-88-88 - on the phone, students can request a troubleshooting and cleaning of rooms, to suggest an idea for improvement of residential buildings and grounds, as well as ask any other question. In addition, applications are accepted and e-mail to: dvfu_assist@omc.ru. Have already moved to campus students every night until September 1 on the waterfront of the bay Ajax will have a meeting with the leadership of the university and members of the Management Company CHI CAMPUS MANAGEMENT. In an informal setting guys can get answers to all the pressing issues, and to offer their ideas on the organization of a comfortable life on campus. After the meeting, the students waiting for a picnic, during which chefs campus treated dishes of different cuisines.

Press service of the Far Eastern Federal University

Опубликовано:   27-08-2013, 18:30      |      Категория:  eng news

Vladivostok Duma will determine the performance criteria of the municipal utilities
22-04-2013, 15:10, eng news
Among these criteria - a reflection of the success or failure of management companies on energy, size, ODN, registration of land, availability of emergency services, and more......
Vladivostok roads repaired with new technology
21-03-2013, 02:40, eng news
The spring and again Vladivostok motorists faced perennial problem - most of the roads in the city carved pits. Primorye capital road will be repaired by the new method is now in road workers spend...
The new law of the land for development can make housing truly affordable - the Alliance of Builders of Primorye
26-04-2013, 13:30, eng news
Director of the Alliance of Builders of Primorye Sergey Fedorenko assessed the bill on the free provision of land for housing......
The bailiff in Nakhodka suspected of malfeasance
21-06-2013, 12:46, eng news
The prosecutor's office in Nakhodka checked as abiding by the law on enforcement proceedings in the bailiffs. The police officer in the Find-person involved in a criminal case is established that the...
Girls - tourists in Primorye man hacked to death with an ax
1-08-2013, 19:15, eng news
In the police district Chuguevsky turned 60-year-old man and told the shocking crime, an unwitting witness to whom he has become. Two ladies man hacked to death with an ax a few days ago on the lake...
In Primorye, the driver hit a reverse passenger:
28-05-2013, 10:20, eng news
death was instantaneous. A man came out of the mikrogruzovika stopped, and the driver at this time for some reason passed back. The death of a passenger died instantly......
Organizers of the event are the guys from the public
13-07-2013, 19:01, eng news
Organizers of the event are the children of the public organization "Patriot Primorye." Outdoor cinema launched their own, without any support sponsorkoy in May of this year, community members and...
In Russia begins Preschedule USE
20-04-2013, 17:10, eng news
"Dosrochnikov" this year, nearly two thousand, they represent 69 regions of Russia, but most registered in Moscow, Omsk and Chelyabinsk regions......
The pensioner told that last night with the house
27-06-2013, 16:31, eng news
The pensioner told that last night with adjacent Parking was stolen his car - "VAZ 21063" arrived On the scene investigative team. Police have questioned the victim, he described in detail his car....
In 2014 in the Maritime province will build a new port
25-07-2013, 15:00, eng news
Primorsky Territory Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky July 24 met with the president of the holding company "Siberian Business Union" by Michael Fedyaeva. The new port will be built in Primorye sides...

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