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The specialists of "DRSK" "Primorsk

The specialists of "DRSK" "Primorsk The specialists of "DRSK" "Primorsk electrical networks" (part of the "RAO Energy System of East") completed the rescue and restoration work to repair power lines damaged due to bad weather in the village Plastun. Recall that in the Maritime region due to prolonged heavy rains spilled rivers. As a result of the flood was disrupted power supply in several localities of the northern areas. The bulk of the damage on the power lines were able to quickly resolve energy in a short time. The most severe damage was recorded on July 24 in the village of Plastun. Because of the powerful cyclone, accompanied by heavy rains and a storm wind, river beds and Dzhigitovka Plastunka for a short time overflowed. As a result of the flood were flooded farmland adjacent to the village and the road, and in a few places 10 kV overhead transmission line from the substation 110/35/10 kV "Plastun" rain washed away the flow of electric poles. Thus, the river Plastunka, over the banks, provoked at five sites scour 10 kV overhead line (of 14 transmission towers washed away). As a result of damage remained without electricity villagers Plastun. Despite difficult weather conditions, energy in the shortest possible time conducted an inspection of the damaged line, straightened and strengthened support remained intact, as well as consumers hooked on backup power supply circuit. As the press service of the coastal branch of OJSC "Far-Eastern Distribution," on the other line of 10 kV - completely washed away crossing the river Dzhigitovka and 10 spans of overhead power lines. As a result, no power left the farm. Only after the water is gone, emergency repair teams managed to get to the damaged area and fully restore electricity. Until that time, the supply of electricity subsidiary farming was carried out by an autonomous diesel generator. To restore the usual power supply in the damaged areas in the village Plastun worked 10 pieces of equipment and 5 teams of 40 people from five regional areas of the company. As a result, the specialists of the branch was established 41 support, made suspension wire firebreak cleared. The reconstruction of the overhead power line have been completed on August 23. - To restore the normal power supply to consumers in the village Plastun experts had virtually re-lay the track power lines - said Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of the seaside branch of Far-Eastern Distribution Sergei Korchemagin. - The work of Power complicated the difficult road conditions, damage to some places people had to be transported by boat to restore the electricity supply has been involved all-terrain machines. Gangs of power engineers continue to work in emergency mode until the complete elimination of consequences of natural disasters.

Yekaterina Chernenko, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   27-08-2013, 11:03      |      Категория:  eng news

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The Complainant stated that in an abandoned house on the street guerrilla found the body of a minor signs of asphyxia. On a place of incident left investigatory-operative group, the ambulance. The...

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