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In Primorye, the criminal investigation is completed

In Primorye, the criminal investigation is completed In Primorye, completed a criminal investigation against the former acting head of the Federal Migration Service of Russia for the Primorye Territory Alexander Mukhin. Investigators SU TFR in the Primorye Territory has completed the investigation of the criminal case against the former acting Head of the Federal Migration Service of Russia Primorsky Krai. He is accused of having committed an offense under subsection "a" of Part 5 Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (the official a bribe). According to investigators, from January to July 2011 Mukhin was personally bribe from a businessman in the form of cash in the amount of 357 thousand rubles for the commission in favor of representing the specified owner and two other accused persons, actions to assist them in obtaining public services in registration and the issuance of a passport to bypass the procedures established by the Administrative Regulations. In the course of a criminal investigation seized part of the money devoted to the accused as a bribe, questioned more than 100 witnesses. The consequence collected sufficient evidence presented in connection with a criminal case with the approved prosecutor indictment was sent to the court for consideration on the merits. However, the defense Mukhina initially insisted on acting innocence Head of the Federal Migration Service, explaining the criminal case and his arrest "order." The whole saga has been associated with the way the lawyers to seek the release from detention of Alexander Mukhin, citing the need for his release that he is being held in "inhumane" and "torturous" conditions. As a result, the then head of the migration service yet been released from jail. It is worth noting that in his position, Alexander Mukhin served for not very long. In Primorye, he arrived from Kamchatka region, with a track record of injuries and rewards for participating in anti-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus. Claimed they fight for "cleaning series" FMS completed his own detention and arrest. As previously reported, the three other defendants in the criminal case earlier convictions. The businessman Eugene Kurtz for an offense under subsection "a, b" of Part 4 of Art. 291 of the Criminal Code (bribery or official) was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with a fine of 3 million rubles, Vlasenko Anton was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with a fine of 5 million rubles, Denis Morozov 5 years imprisonment with a a fine of 3 million rubles.

Ivan the Terrible, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   27-08-2013, 11:00      |      Категория:  eng news

Marines Kamchatka and Primorye learn new tactics
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In the maneuvers, which became the main activities of coastal combat training of troops over the winter, involved more than 1500 troops. (PHOTOS)......
This year, her favorite child graduated from high school.
31-07-2013, 13:47, eng news
has passed the exam. This year, her favorite child graduated from high school. Has passed the exam - well, by the way, deposited by 80-85 points for the exam. And the child went with her mother to...
Continues to develop the relationship between
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Continues to develop relations between Vladivostok and the Japanese city of Tottori, identified by agreement of friendship and cooperation, signed in August 2010 now come to the direct flights...
The further away from the edge of the capital - the more problems
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The further away from the edge of the capital - the more housing problems in the periphery. Another example of how the executive branch works only after the crackdown by the prosecution, was the...
Head-on collision in the Maritime region killed seven people
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On Thursday, March 7 at 04:30 am, on the 496-kilometer highway M-60 in the Saviour's an accident, which killed seven people. Currently, the police find out the reasons for which the accident...
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Request for the establishment of Primorye two port special economic zones will be submitted to the Economic Development Ministry. "Bonded" band will appear in the Primorye This was discussed at a...
In Vladivostok, firefighters rescued a woman with two children from a burning apartment
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In the Monday, May 13 at 15:29 in the remote Fire Department received a report of a fire in an apartment high-rise apartment building on Kirov Street in Vladivostok. After 7 minutes of the fire came...
After 15 minutes of the fire came first fire
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After 15 minutes of the fire came first fire department. At 15 hours 18 minutes the fire was localized in 16 hours 41 minutes completely eliminated. According to preliminary data, the fire area is...
They will help representatives of private security companies
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They will help representatives of private security companies, and voluntary groups parental control. This year, almost seven thousand graduates of schools and high schools of Primorye will celebrate...
In the second half of the day in Vladivostok again Cloudy
11-04-2013, 09:50, eng news
Although the capital of Primorye air warms up to seven degrees, forecasters expect the afternoon in the city - as in the environment - possible precipitation......

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