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Yesterday, August 21 was held in Vladivostok Administration

Yesterday, August 21 was held in Vladivostok Administration Yesterday, August 21 in Vladivostok Administration held a meeting under the leadership of the mayor Igor Pushkarev on the use of property and land military towns passed from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense to the municipality. As RIA «VladNews» The meeting was attended by deputy chief of staff and the heads of relevant departments. "We are faced with an important task - correctly, as efficiently dispose of the military camp, so that all that was good for the city, opened the meeting Igor Pushkarev. - It is necessary to keep the building received a second life and land, subject to the general plan, were used for the building, as recreational areas or for other purposes. The main thing is that all newly received property was the development of Vladivostok. " Recall, three weeks ago, the head of the city together with the specialists toured the territory of military camps, which are passed into the ownership of the municipality (these are areas of Sputnik, "Dalhimproma" street Davydova and the Russian island). During the trip, the commission was able to assess where, how conveniently located and the condition of the facilities and land. As the first deputy head of the administration of Vladivostok Catherine Khim, the city passed a Ministry of Defence, of which about. Thus the right of municipal property is registered only on some of the objects on the remaining process continues. The discussion offered a variety of options for using the premises and land. Thus, the buildings that are in good condition in the area of Sputnik, "Dalhimproma", on the island of Russian might already this year after the repair and testing of all communications to be used as a service housing. It will offer to settle the staff of municipal enterprises - the drivers of buses and municipal vehicles, as well as the need of housing for teachers, kindergarten teachers. Minus these buildings - in their remoteness, plus - is that it is a good opportunity to recruit scarce cadre of professionals providing normal living conditions of the people. Also in the former military camp on the satellite in the future may plan housing. Construction is planned in the area of street Davydova, in the middle of a large densely populated neighborhood, which until recently housed a military unit. In the future it may appear not only the residential buildings, but also the entire infrastructure - sports facilities, shops, catering, parking lots, parks and more. To do this, decided to develop the land planning project, providing full and comprehensive development of the neighborhood by all modern standards, and then put the land up for auction - along with the project. Actively can be used premises of former garages and fleets - you can create additional databases for public transport and municipal road equipment. In the near future experts MUP "Vyatskiye Polyany Electric Networks" will start preparing the remaining boiler for winter. On the territory of the former children's camp in the streets Poletaeva after the transfer to the city property is planned to establish a kindergarten. Buildings and land that will not be directly used for the needs of the municipality, will be put up for auction for the business, and it will also bring new opportunities for the development of the city.

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