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Together with the residents of improvement works pridomovoy

Together with the residents of improvement works pridomovoy Together with the residents work on the improvement of territory took Mayor Igor Pushkarev. In the courtyard of an apartment building, a multi-repair - installed curbs, new asphalt concrete pavement is laid, including on site laundry, and for the youngest residents installed a beautiful playground. Now come to the yard for a walk with the children of all the houses around here because there was a big swing set, swing, rocking on a spring rocker-style, and a sandbox. "It used to stay in the yard was very boring, and now my friends and every day we come to ride on a swing. And there was a lot of new guys - come to us from all around, "- shared their impressions guys. "It was very convenient to walk with young children, it is convenient to look after them," - said Catherine, who comes to walk to the playground with the little sister. Residents of the neighborhood thanks Igor Pushkarev for landscaped courtyard and playground, which appeared here for the first time in 37 years, and was asked to install an additional security guard for the kids. The mayor immediately instructed specialists will work out the issue. "Now in Vladivostok is a comprehensive improvement adjoining areas, repaired roads and sidewalks, and be sure to set children's playground, - said Igor Pushkarev. - Let your yard always sounds childish laughter. Most importantly, the site is preserved as long as possible and please you and your children, take care of it. " In addition, the mayor discussed the issue with the residents of major home renovation and development of the district as a whole. After acceptance of work for the neighborhood kids holiday was made: clowns, Carlson and children's creative team of "Dream" leisure center "Firefly", cheered by the music of great fun contests for the guys. Recall that this year in the regional center capitally repaired about 70 houses adjoining areas. In addition to 30 yards of new curbs and asphalt install playgrounds and sports complexes. Completed and accepted work on the street Russian, 35 of the Assumption, 106 Zigure, 22 Gamarnika, 19-21. Ongoing repairs adjoining areas along the street Karl Zigure, 12-16 Kharkov, 3 Nekrasov, 57 Tolstoy, 35 Tukhachevsky, 42 and others. In the near future the residents of these small houses will be able to ride on the swings, roundabouts and slides, as well as exercise on fitness equipment, horizontal bar and gym complex.

Опубликовано:   21-08-2013, 18:31      |      Категория:  eng news

September 12 at the VIII International Maritime opens
22-08-2013, 13:18, eng news
September 12 in Primorye will VIII International Fishery Congress, held annually in the development of the fishing industry, the strengthening of international cooperation between Russian and foreign...
In present in the court of Savetski district, Vladivostok
20-06-2013, 18:02, eng news
In present in the court of Savetski district, Vladivostok hearing the case on an item 232 part 1 of the criminal code (organization or content of dens for consumption of narcotic means, psychotropic...
Military units Vladivostok continue to prepare for the meeting of a new call
24-05-2013, 19:40, eng news
On the agenda in the control of military units - control over the preparation of the material and food bases of each of the garrison......
This is scandalous stretch of road with a length
2-09-2013, 18:17, eng news
This is scandalous stretch of road with a length of only 15 km, first told the newspaper "Vladivostok". RIA VladNews continued the theme of "hell" way. Next, about the road told the newspaper...
In the city of Vladivostok on suspicion of selling drugs
6-08-2013, 15:00, eng news
In the city of Vladivostok on suspicion of selling narcotics agents arrested police officer. July 162013 in an apartment on the street in the Russian city of Vladivostok, an unidentified person...
The far Eastern regional development service
14-06-2013, 21:30, eng news
The far Eastern regional development service of the passenger communications and provide access to the infrastructure announces that in connection with carrying out of works on modernization of a...
A juvenile resident of Vladivostok sells large quantities of drugs
27-02-2013, 09:00, eng news
For senior high school Vladivostok prosecuted......
Since September, state employees will receive a salary in the new scheme
9-09-2013, 21:41, eng news
Salaries of state employees in the Primorsky Krai now depends on the results of their work. The new payment system was introduced in September. State employees will receive a salary in the new scheme...
More than a ton of dried fish contaminated detained in Primorye
5-09-2013, 18:00, eng news
In the port of Vladivostok officers detained Rosselkhoznadzor ton of dried salted eel from China. Laboratory studies have confirmed that all the delicacy of the beer is infected with E. coli. After...
This initiative was made governor of Primorye. Their
21-07-2013, 16:00, eng news
This initiative was made governor of Primorye. The projects participants must send to the Department of Urban Development of Primorsky Krai. Evaluate them will be a panel of judges. In addition, the...

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