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All evacuees in Khabarovsk deliver comfort

All evacuees in Khabarovsk deliver comfort All evacuees in Khabarovsk deliver comfort gorodokVseh evacuated in Khabarovsk Krai deliver comfort gorodokvskogo Vyacheslav Shport currently inspects residential areas that fall under the flooding in Khabarovsk and the surrounding area. So, at the Beachside neighborhood homes are surrounded by the dam, the water is pumped out. Vyacheslav Shport talked with residents and asked them to carry personal vehicles to safety, machinery interfere with heavy equipment. The powerful dam built on the neighborhood, "Builder". The head of the region reported that it is designed for the water level to 8 meters. Contractors under construction next to an indoor arena for bandy reported that high water sports facility in the state is not affected, there is no water in the basement. Difficult situation in the private sector on the Red River. This dam was built, but there was a crisis. Now there is a water pumping, several people were evacuated from their homes. Increasing the height of the dam to a level of 7.5 m Vyacheslav Shport also visited the village of Ussuri in the Big Ussuri Island. Town flooded, but there is still about 100 people. They do not want to leave the village. Centralised power is turned off, running diesel generators. The island has a group of lifeguards on duty. Vyacheslav Shport spoke with residents and stressed that at any time they are ready to take on the evacuation centers in Khabarovsk. The increase in the river for the day amounted to 15 centimeters. Hydrologists say that in the next few days the water rise will continue. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Khabarovsk region, on reaching the next target level of 691 cm in Khabarovsk within 1-3 days of flooding may have 6 houses in the Khabarovsk region - 25 (p. Korsakovo-2), in Nanai - 40 more (p Naikhin, Oak Cape, Lighthouse, p. Trinity, Dada, Slav, Junk), the Amur - 6 (p. Achan, Ommi). Total is currently in the region of 481 residential house flooded, 678 houses adjoining areas, more than 4 million summer cottages. On August 21 of the most dangerous places evacuated 409 people, including 123 from flooded houses. Conducted vaccination, vaccinated 1200 people in the plan - 15 thousand To date, the province constructed about 14 km dike structures. Most of them were originally designed for the projected 7 meter water level. At present the building of dams to 8 meter level. In areas produced 55 points temporary stay of people, designed by 11.5 thousand people, including 15 in the regional capital. Actually deployed 6. They are 15 people. Overall grouping of forces and means of boundary rescue units, Emergency Situations Ministry, the Ministry of Defence has 7919 people, 1380 pieces of equipment, including seven pumping stations pump water. The Ministry of Social Welfare continues to edge lump-sum payment of aid to the victims cottagers of 10 thousand rubles. To date, 1833 people have submitted applications. Payment is made to citizens in 1666 for a total of 16 million 660 thousand rubles. Projected number of victims - more than 4 thousand people. Authorities of the region refer to the owners of suburban areas prone to flooding, to please leave the danger area. The population should be ready to evacuate. For this it is necessary to take personal belongings, documents, drinking water, food and head to the district administration announced (settlements, districts) collection. All evacuees in Khabarovsk deliver a comfortable town

Yegor Ivanov, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   21-08-2013, 18:31      |      Категория:  eng news

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