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In July of last year in the Khabarovsk family appeared

In July of last year in the Khabarovsk family appeared In July last year, appeared in Khabarovsk family welcome addition - born girl twins. The couple - the indigenous Guzey Khabarovsk Olga and Sergey Sidorov got credit for the purchase of an apartment in a new building on the street Gamarnika in Far East Bank OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" in December 2011. The couple have already raised one child. Regional Ministry of Construction has helped to raise the necessary documents and were guaranteed to Sberbank. After the procedure, the family presented the check payment certificate. Social benefits determined to customers in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory of 29052013 "On the provision of social benefits to the citizens of principal repayment on housing (mortgage) loan issued on the acquisition of premises at birth (or adoption) of a third child." According to Vyacheslav Shport previously assumed that the right to the full repayment of the mortgage will benefit only members of edge housing programs. "These social benefits at birth or adoption of the third and subsequent children in our region have already received 24 families. We thought it was wrong for the participants to share large edge mortgage programs and ordinary citizens, and decided to grant the right to all social benefits to large families of Khabarovsk Krai. The corresponding decree was signed in May this year. For these purposes, the regional budget for the 2013 first provided 150 million rubles, "- said the Acting Head of the region. Since the entry into force of the May ruling family Sidorovs first received payment certificate. A waiting list of 49 families who contacted the regional ministry. In the coming days, payments can take advantage of three families. This experience supporting large families in Russia first. The main condition is the birth or adoption of the third and subsequent children after the first of January 2012 and the mortgage loan to improve their living conditions. There are a number of financial constraints. So, for a family of five people maximum amount of social benefit will be 3.5 million, for a family of six - 4.3 million family of eight people will be able to get the maximum 5.9 million to compensate for the principal on the mortgage. Social benefits provided once. The district budget will not be able to get citizens deprived of their parental rights or adoption abolished. The required documents to provide to the Ministry of Construction of the edge.

Опубликовано:   20-08-2013, 09:01      |      Категория:  eng news

Накануне, во время празднования 153-летия Владивостока,
3-07-2013, 11:16, eng news
Накануне, во время празднования 153-летия Владивостока, в торжественной обстановке звания "почетный гражданин Владивостока" был удостоен капитан дальнего плавания Вадим Абоносимов, под чьим...
26-05-2013, 11:20, eng news
To volunteer this year, want not only students from local high schools, but also adults - longtime fans of the festival from all over the Far East, Russia and even the west of Ukraine......
May 1 in Primorye opens navigation for boats
25-04-2013, 18:20, eng news
In Primorye, according to the orders of the Chief state inspector for small boat navigation opens in the Peter the Great Bay, the sea, Primorye. Navigation of small vessels will open on May 1 boaters...
In the capital of the Republic of Sakha a meeting of the Coordinating
12-07-2013, 15:03, eng news
In the capital of the Republic of Sakha a meeting of the Coordinating Council of Veterans of Internal Affairs and the Interior Ministry of Russia on DFO. It was attended by Assistant Minister of...
In Vladivostok, all day - biting wind
14-04-2013, 11:00, eng news
Thanks to the wind from the north-west precipitation is expected: the sky is cloudless......
Premier Medvedev awarded the head of Vladivostok Certificate
21-03-2013, 12:06, eng news
Igor Pushkarev awarded certificates signed by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev......
Cake-scene will appear in the center of Vladivostok
1-07-2013, 16:16, eng news
In the central square of Vladivostok continues assembling an unusual stage structure. Cake-scene will appear in Vladivostok This year, the artists vladivostoktsev congratulate the City Day on stage...
At the scene, officers arrived operational
25-07-2013, 10:15, eng news
At the scene, officers arrived operational services: police, the Federal Security Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, ambulance. As a result of the site inspection investigative team found no...
More than one and a half tons of low-quality roe found in Vladivostok
25-03-2013, 10:15, eng news
More than one and a half tons of salmon milt questionable quality found in one of the commercial container sites in Vladivostok. Poor quality sperm found in Vladivostok in the laboratory showed that...
A pedestrian was killed on the road in Primorye
16-08-2013, 17:31, eng news
This past Thursday, August 15 Artem was killed in a pedestrian accident. A pedestrian was killed on the road in Primorye Vladivostok - Nakhodka - Port East driver of «Nissan Karavan Elgrand» knocked...

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