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Perhaps in the near future will begin in Vladivostok

Perhaps in the near future will begin in Vladivostok Perhaps in the near future in Vladivostok will begin construction of a new grand. At the very least, the preparation for it has already started and is initiated by the builders themselves. Director of NGO self-regulatory organization "Alliance of Builders of Primorye" Sergei Fedorenko at today's press conference announcing the beginning of preparations for the grand building - a project called "New home construction companies." The building, which is supposed to be located on one hectare area, will house designers, builders, architects, surveyors, contractors and all the professionals of the construction industry. This project is non-commercial, for its implementation creates a cooperative. The formation of the cooperative is limited in time and deadline for applications expires on September 6 this year. Apply to participate, you can pre-register by phone for an interview, during which there is the selection of the participants in this innovative project. The idea of uniting under one roof construction is not new. She previously expressed major coastal construction companies, was even a trial experience. The prototype of the current ideas made "Primorgrazhdanproekt" on the street Aleutian. Currently, however, this building can not meet all the requirements applied to him, and is located in the area of obvious lack of parking spaces. Non-profit project, the construction will be carried out on the construction cost. Price per square meter of 40000 rubles. Supervision costs will be carried out by the Supervisory Board and the Audit Commission. For self-realization of the project created a consumer cooperative. Its membership is open to all construction companies, surveyors, geologists, architects, building investors and organizations that are directly related to construction and even the construction crew working on the construction and maintenance of the private sector. There are already 55 companies have become parties to a consumer cooperative. As explained in the press conference correspondent «VladNews», Sergey Fedorenko maximum number of 300 companies. The figure is not random, as more construction companies-participants will not be able to stay in an area of 1 hectare. In the ongoing discussion about the so-called "built-up spot." Three possible locations, it is a factory area of "Dawn", the Second River and area Balyaeva. "The concentration of builders" in one "point" will facilitate the process of interaction, reduce the time of the exchange of relevant information and create a huge data base of possible auctions, tenders and new construction technologies. It is planned to hang out on the first floor of the building was built, a huge bulletin board on which to online mode will display all background information on all construction firms of the city. Deadline - the end of 2015. Currently in the process of designing, which will take place after the procedure of land allocation under construction!

Eugene Zhitnikova, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   19-08-2013, 23:31      |      Категория:  eng news

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