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Viktor Ishayev looked sunken settlements

Viktor Ishayev looked sunken settlements Viktor Ishayev looked sunken settlements Amur region and visited the Bureyskaya HPP. According to the ambassador, Bureisk power plant is operating normally, the level of water releases from the reservoir is within a 3 cubic meters per second, which is not critical for the settlements. "GES is in the normal state, is operating normally. The peak discharge is yet to come ", - said Victor Ishayev reporters in Blagoveshchensk on his visit to the plant on Saturday. According to him, it is not justified by forecasts of a large tributary of the Amur water from other rivers. "We expected that, due to the Songhua River Amur, Zeya and Bureya will be formed in the bulk flow of 10-12 cubic meters per second. Today visitors: on Bureyskaya plant capacity is not more than 3 cubic meters per second, at the Zeya HPP 4.5 million, Songhua gives about 2 million cubic meters per second. That is, at maximum capacity, we do not leave, "- said the Minister. "In addition, we expect that by the end of August, the weather will improve. HPP and today controls the hydrological situation. Login more water and less output, although for a long time can not continue. Critical condition at a station not, there is a margin of safety. Our main task - not to scare and create panic, and calculate the most stringent options, "- said Viktor Ishayev. At worst, the situation with the floods in the south of the Far East of the settlements to be evacuated 100000 people - said the minister-plenipotentiary. "In the Amur region, together with the governor, we thought - about 45-46 thousand people, in the Khabarovsk region account for about 39 thousand plus the Jewish Autonomous Region. Thus, the federal district of their places of residence can be moved about 100 thousand people, "- said the envoy. However, he stressed that the government must do everything that people were not injured. Speaking about the situation in the Amur region, Viktor Ishayev said that because of the high water has forced the evacuation of more than 20 thousand inhabitants. In addition, the extensive damage caused to agriculture area. "On the way to Bureiskaya plant flew four districts. It is seen as a very powerfully affected crops, agricultural areas suffered enormous damage. According to the management area, more than 400000 hectares went under water. Losses are more than two billion rubles. We must help the area and help comprehensively, "- said the Minister.

Опубликовано:   19-08-2013, 12:16      |      Категория:  eng news

New equipment installed in the hospital in Vladivostok
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The new digital angiographic complex worth over 40 million rubles appeared in KGBUZ "Vladivostok Clinical Hospital № 1". Modern equipment in the primary vascular compartment, which opened this year,...
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For the week from 13 to 20 May Vladivostok will be the center of fashion and beauty of the Asia-Pacific region......
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Vladivostok fell to 15th in the Top 50 attractive cities in Russia
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The Chinese grow vegetables in Primorye, using banned pesticides
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Employees Rosselkhoznadzor, checking the work of one of the greenhouses in the October district of Primorye, near the village of Zaimok found that "vitamins" richly flavored banned pesticides....
The city Lesozavodsk preschoolers raised previously convicted teachers
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Lesozavodskaya district prosecutor's office checked, as observed in the Labor Code of the restrictions on the exercise employed in the education and upbringing of children. In Primorye, children...
Обращаясь к выпускникам на торжественной церемонии
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Обращаясь к выпускникам на торжественной церемонии вручения дипломов, Александр Приходько отметил: «Время вашего обучения совпало с масштабным событием в жизни страны: в России идет обновление важной...
Palo basketball team became the best student Russia
19-05-2013, 14:30, eng news
The women's team of the Far Eastern Federal University (Palo) was the champion of the Russian Student Basketball Association, winning the final in Moscow, the capital team Agricultural Academy with a...

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