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Shamora passed on the third day of the Open Championship stage Vladivostok dragster

Shamora passed on the third day of the Open Championship stage Vladivostok dragster

On Sunday, August 18 at the airport in the Bay Area Shamora took third day stage of the championship Vladivostok dragster in 2013.

The competition was attended by 30 pilots from Vladivostok, Nakhodka and Ussuriysk.

Competitions were secured by coach ambulance and fire safety car. All day for spectators dancing go-go girls. Panel of judges headed by the chief referee Roman Strogonov. Commented on what is happening on the strip known racer of Primorsky Krai, multiple winner of the competition on the drag racing and drifting Dmitry Semeniuk.

Next, a fourth, a day phase is scheduled for September 1.


Grade 1
1 Victor Olszewski, Toyota Cresta, Ussurijsk
2 Zvyagintsev Tikhon, Toyota Mark II, Vladivostok
3 Member disqualified

Grade 2
1 Anastas Naumov, Toyota Supra, Ussurijsk
2 Member disqualified
3 Ozhereliev Basil, Nissan Skyline, Vladivostok

Grade 3
1 Member disqualified
2 Yuri Makarov, Toyota Mark II, Nakhodka
3 Domnin Dmitri, MMC Lancer Evo VII, Vladivostok

Grade 5
1 Ogo Andrew, Nissan Skyline, Ussurijsk
2 Ivanchuk, Peter, Nissan Skyline, Vladivostok
3 Sergei Borisov, MMC Lancer Evo VII, Ussurijsk

Shamora passed on the third day of the Open Championship stage Vladivostok dragster

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