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New tariffs for communal services, standards and formulas

New tariffs for communal services, standards and formulas New tariffs for communal services, standards and formulas for SGL. Here are the main themes lesson at school "house manager" that took place in Vladivostok on August 17. As with a total RIA «VladNews» the press service of the Vladivostok Administration, specially invited representatives of "DEK", "DGC" and the State Unitary Enterprise "Primorsky water utility" helped everyone who came to deal with the calculation formulas of the ODN, explaining what it is. In particular, Galina Tkachenko - Deputy Head of the production of "DEK" told the students of the school, that SGL electricity - it's not just the lighting in the hallways, but the work of the elevator, intercom, light in attics and basements. And that there are two ways to calculate the ARF. One is provided in case the house has a metering device. And second, if it is not. Then Galina Tkachenko detail sounded every formula: "Formula for calculating the ARF for electricity if the house has a metering device is the following: the consumption of the house on the counter-consuming consumption of individual property owners and owners of commercial premises. This difference must be divided by the total area of the house. The resulting ratio is multiplied by footage of each apartment. The result is ODN with each apartment. " "The formula ODN for electricity metering device if there is no such: standard per square meter (according to the decision and he Tariff Department of the regional administration is 394 rate) multiplied by the area of public spaces (stairwells, basements, etc.) . The resulting sum is divided by the total area of residential and non-residential premises. The resulting ratio is multiplied by the area of each apartment. The result is a BDD with each apartment. " Fees and payment ODN one of the most important topics in the housing sector. And still, one of the most mysterious for the average resident. It is therefore willing to come to the lesson was much more than usual. The organizers have decided not to collect all the assembly hall of the administration, and in a more capacious auditorium FEFU Mordovtseva 12. "We are in August already received receipts for heating, and they were more than in previous months - says senior on the house Antonina Ivanovna - but since I constantly come to the lessons in the school, knew in advance that the rates are increasing and that in addition, at the end of the year will be recalculated, because in the summer we do not use heating. Warned all residents of our house, and when the bill came, shock, no one was. Now here I want to learn how to count ODN and check whether the amount we put up. And then we will think how to reduce ARF. Maybe, insulation joints to do. " Recall School "building manager" was created on the instructions of the mayor Igor Pushkarev. She works for free to all comers. The main task of the school - to create a flexible system of education to teach everyone to understand the housing legislation and to prepare managers who can speak on behalf of the tenants of the professional customers of utility services. New tariffs for communal services, standards and formulas New tariffs for communal services, standards and formulas New tariffs for communal services, standards and formulas New tariffs for communal services, standards and formulas

Опубликовано:   18-08-2013, 17:17      |      Категория:  eng news

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