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Today, 17 August, at the Moscow Design Center ARTPLAY

Today, 17 August, at the Moscow Design Center ARTPLAY Today, 17 August, at the Moscow Design Center ARTPLAY 16 best basketball players that have passed qualifying stages in their regions will compete for a single ticket to the U.S. prison at Alcatraz global final King of the Rock. Live broadcast of the national final will begin at 18:00 Moscow time (1:00 BBO) on the site http://www.redbull.com/ru/ru/stories/1331606402422/rb-kotr-online See how the top 16 basketball players from across the country in an uncompromising fights "one on one" will decide which one of them deserves to represent Russia at the world finals of King of the Rock in the United States and, of course, cheer for Sysoev. On the eve of Alexey Sysoev in an interview for the site Vladbasket.Ru talked about how he prepared for the final and then waiting for the tournament in Moscow - I was getting ready for the games in Vladivostok. Trained hard both in the gym and on the court. After having won the regional round in Vladivostok, intensified training and is now the most ready for the tournament in Moscow. I try to train 6 days a week, one day I leave on vacation. Every day I spend on the court, practicing long and medium shots. I try to train one by inserting the earphones in your ears and listen to music. I watched a group of King of the Rock Vkontakte, watched which players win in other cities, there is not only seen the street players, but also professionals who play in the Super League. This is a very trained and experienced players. Accordingly, for himself pointed out that the experience and technique I will not take, so I train for endurance to wear down the enemy. All players are going to win the tournament, and I am no exception. Without the certainty of victory hard to play basketball. The participants of the All-Russian final King of the Rock: Ilya Alexandrov, Alexander Sosnin (Rostov-on-Don), Andrew Mateyunas (Nizhny Novgorod), Ivan Grishchenko, Gleb Gerasimenko, Roman Evseev, Basil Fedosov, Michael Gunter, Alex Dorodnov, Sergey Marin, Sergey Bondarev (all - Moscow), Alexei Sysoev (Vladivostok), Nicholas Shangichev, Shalva Shatashvili (both - St. Petersburg), Alexei Makarov (Yekaterinburg) and Cyril Korobeynikov (Kaliningrad). Listed cities that have passed qualifying stages.

Press Service Vladbasket.ru

Опубликовано:   17-08-2013, 17:32      |      Категория:  eng news

Became known to the most popular flight routes in Primorye
8-07-2013, 13:30, eng news
For the first 6 months of this year, total passenger traffic increased by 14%......
French frigate goes to Vladivostok to celebrate Victory Day
6-05-2013, 10:20, eng news
Since 1992 this is the twelfth visit to Vladivostok, French sailors and the sixth set at the main base of the Pacific Fleet frigate "Vendemiaire."......
August 10 at 4:26 am at the fire control of Vladivostok
12-08-2013, 00:01, eng news
August 10 at 4:26 am on the panel of Vladivostok City Fire Department received a report of a fire at Calle Chasovitin 27. immediately on the scene were sent firefighters calculations. Upon arrival...
On Thursday in Vladivostok will warm up to 23 degrees
23-05-2013, 09:20, eng news
In Primorye, sometimes a little rain, rain in the afternoon. Wind southwest in the afternoon moderate. Day temperature +14 +29 ° C......
The deputies took control of the preferential provision of medicines in Vladivostok
17-04-2013, 19:20, eng news
Today at a meeting of the Vladivostok Duma Committee on Social Policy and Veterans Affairs. During the meeting, the deputies discussed the critical situation in Vladivostok with preferential drug...
Convicted of the fairer sex in the Maritime region are preparing for the fashion show
4-06-2013, 15:30, eng news
Competition among prisoners and the contest of clothes will be in the IR-10......
Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets headed the board of trustees of the theater of opera and ballet in Primorye
5-08-2013, 15:15, eng news
Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets will head the board of trustees of the theater of opera and ballet in Vladivostok. This decision was made deputy prime minister after his visit to Primorye. Deputy...
A former employee of the Pacific Fleet accused of financial fraud
7-08-2013, 17:30, eng news
More than 400 thousand rubles of damage from fiddling with the air tickets, which accused the former head of the department of international military cooperation of the Pacific Fleet headquarters...
In Primorye, 93-year-old widow of a veteran considered unworthy of new housing
1-04-2013, 06:10, eng news
Dalnerechensky Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office defended the rights of 93-year-old widow of a veteran of World War II......
He said that at night through a window in the house penetrated unknown
7-08-2013, 13:02, eng news
He said that at night through a window in the house and entered the unknown stole personal belongings: two laptops, a buffer with speakers, mobile phone and a guitar. The damage caused to the victim...

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