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Information Centre (IC) Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Primorsky

Information Centre (IC) Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Primorsky Information Centre (IC) Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Primorsky - so if you want a "brain" of the police department. However, recent testing has shown seaside prosecutors - sometimes in the IC improperly. It should be noted that it is a regional police IC contains all the information about persons who have ever committed a crime and prosecuted. According to the Prosecutor's Office of Primorsky Krai, implementing powers in the legal statistics provided by Article 51 of the Federal Law "On the Procuracy of the Russian Federation," the prosecutor's office Primorye tested organization of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Information Center of the Primorsky to comply with registration discipline and control over the completeness and fair presentation of statistical information. Audit found numerous violations of the law on the registration of a single criminal cases and crime reporting, order completion and submission of records, the shortcomings of institutional control. Thus, the timing of issuing infringements statistical documents, clerical errors in filling cards are not required elements of apolnenie cards, the disparity of their code and information fields, corrections made to the card is not properly notarized by, and there have also been cases of issuing cards statistical sample of past years. The audit found that the violations primarily associated with poor control of the departmental territorial ATS the work of subordinate employees, as well as due to lack of control on the part of the regional information center for the observance of the bodies of internal affairs edge requirements of interagency order "On the uniform crime reporting." When the scan to the head of the MOI of Russia for the Primorye Territory information included with the proposals made to ensure the rule of law in the field of crime reporting and Statistics Reporting, strengthening of internal control over compliance with the registration discipline, increased demands to subordinate employees and bringing the perpetrators to disciplinary responsibility. This information is presented to a meeting with deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Primorsky, held a video conference with the participation of heads of territorial bodies of internal affairs and a representative of the prosecutor's office the edge, at the end of the meeting to the disciplinary charges brought against two guilty officials.

Ivan the Terrible

Опубликовано:   17-08-2013, 17:32      |      Категория:  eng news

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