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During the last meeting, which discussed the priorities

During the last meeting, which discussed the priorities During the last meeting, which discussed the priority projects of Vladivostok, from entrepreneurs received a lot of questions and suggestions. As Igor Savinov, chairman of the regional branch of the seaside "SUPPORT RUSSIA", gathered today I would like to specifically discuss the development of entrepreneurship in Vladivostok and the new opportunities for this. "The fact that we are gathered today at the Center for Entrepreneurship Development, which recently was not there, speaks volumes. Our task is to develop business - created the company worked to create jobs. Because it is the key to the prosperity of the city ", - said Igor Pushkarev. Separately, touched on the subject of affordable housing. Chief architect Anatoly Melnyk said yesterday in Vladivostok was opened for the first twenty years of the municipal house on the street. Glinka, 23. "Given all the construction work, communication, interior design, landscaping, the cost of 1 sq. km. meter in the house cost 34200 rubles in the budget. This means you can really build affordable housing "- appealed to businessmen architect. The head of the city said that now transferred to Vladivostok military areas that the city authorities are planning to use for residential development. Part will be given over to the service housing for workers of urban services, and some areas - for the construction of new homes. Developers may well build on this land economy class housing costs 35-40 thousand rubles. 1Q. meter. Moreover, that the example of the house on the street. Glinka's obvious - actually build affordable housing. "Do you have information which the Ministry of Defence land transferred to the city. Let us have your suggestions for the building. We are happy to consider all options, "- said Igor Pushkarev. Entrepreneurs also asked whether there will be an opportunity to build on the island of Russian transmitted to the town lands summer camps for children. "Peninsula EOD will be built completely. It is planned that the area inhabited about 100000 residents. The main part of the island will not be built. Just rest homes, resorts and beaches. We are not opposed to it, and summer camps. Therefore, waiting for your offer, we will discuss, "- said the head of the city. In general, the conversation was a very busy and productive. Igor Pushkarev said that the need to meet more often to discuss and share ideas and suggestions for the development of urban entrepreneurship.

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