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Soon it will be the year in Vladivostok held

Soon it will be the year in Vladivostok held Soon it will be the year in Vladivostok, an international forum of APEC-2012 - brand new, but a symbolic date in the history of the city. There were no miracles, but it is man-made. The summit did not solve all problemsbut powerfully swept across all walks of life the edge of the capital, shook it, and gave confidence, experts say, qualitatively changed the mood of the inhabitants, largely freeing them from the syndrome of isolation from the center. Do you remember how it all began? Printsipalnoe decision to hold an international forum in Vladivostok was announced by the authorities in the autumn of 2007. Then, in a direct line with the presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin, a resident of the island of Russian Olga Satinko complained to the head of statethe 'syndrome of isolation "of the whole of Russia, which lies east of the Urals. "If you cut off from Vladivostok Russia, the Russian island cut off from Vladivostok" - she said, asking, finally, whether held in connection with all of this summit on the island of Russian - such assumptions appeared in 2006 and rumors exaggerated earlier. It was during this conversation, Vladimir Putin for the first time said that the APEC summit will be held in Vladivostok. Thus was launched the huge mechanism of futurechanges. The summit, held from 7 to 8 September 2012 has left an obvious, tangible heritage, giving the regional capital and infrastructure arhetikturnye new paths: Palo campus, bridges, roads, airport express train, etc. There has been a qualitative leap in the consciousness of people. Over the past five years, Beijing has traveled from the "city of bad luck," which - like singing our team of KVN - "all covered with dark, absolutely all," to one of the key centers of the Asia-Pacific region. ThemselvesKVNschiki admit that now jokes about the absence of light and provincialism of Vladivostok is no longer relevant and puzzling. Global projects have become a trigger that started the civilizational processes in all areas. - Sam international forum had no direct influence on political processes in Primorye - says Victor Boatmen, a political analyst. - The event, in principle, did not pursue these goals. However, the indirect relationship was evident. According to experts, despite the fact that the federalauthorities sought to maintain the status quo in the region, a "side effect" of the Summit was the departure from the political scene of such odious figures like former mayor Vladimir Nikolayev, former Governor Sergei Darkin. While in many ways their departure was a natural continuation of the political process has already begun. The more memorable merstvo Vladimir Nikolaev? In addition to the criminal overtones? In the doorways installed heavy, "clumsy" metal doors with combination locks, which lacked only barredambrazurki. There are mobile stalls selling cheap fish and other low-cost consumer products. You could cook an inexpensive soup. And live quietly - for a heavy door with a plate of soup. All would be fine if this "tight little world," Do not hold and spun among residents, as is the norm, or even good. At the root of the situation began to improve only after the new mayor Igor Pushkarev, on which lay the responsibility for the preparation of Vladivostok to the summit. Was takena new course - from the "microcosm of close" to a large and open city. - There was a change of political elites - said Sergey Grebenuk, a political analyst. - It has been stretched for several years and was held in stages. First, "left" Nikolayev, then replaced Darkin. Moscow decided to slightly proryadit local elite, which previously was not paying attention because of provincialism federal subject. Typically, under the close supervision of the federal government are the regions of the Central Federal District. Onmargin pay less attention, including in the personnel policy. But with the adoption of a decision in principle to hold a summit in Vladivostok were certain conclusions and personnel changes. It is not always voluntary - as in the case of Nikolaev. Retired Darkin many experts attribute to the fall of his authority in the federal center. And with the same bind arrival of the new governor, as a neutral policy. According to the expert, and has changed the political rhetoric of the mainmanagers of Primorye. - In the past the rhetoric of urban and regional authorities concerned so parochial in their statements and raised concerns felt the strong character of provincialism, the very summit opened their broader perspectives - continues Sergey Grebenuk. - Make proposals for improvement of economic clusters are claimed major projects and global solutions of structural problems in the context of the city. Summit taught our government to look more broadly, gave confidencethat the data of the problem sooner or later, can be put into practice, if properly formulated. Besides holding such an event has strengthened the regional ranking and the city government. - Definitely a positive impact on the image of the summit in Vladivostok - says Tahir Khuziyatov, Professor, Vice-Rector for International Affairs Palo. - The very holding of such an event with the prefix - Vladivostok - worked to draw attention to the city business and leisure travelersfrom around the world. I judge only because any delegation or as a person, has visiting Vladivostok, happy to pay attention to the construction of APEC, at its venue on the campus of Palo and so on. Vladivostok word often enough it became flickering outside our borders, that only works for the benefit. According to the expert, to talk about the real financial achievements is premature. - There are no direct economic benefit Russia's chairmanship of APEC does not imply aBasically, - said Tahir Dautovic. - However, the indirect effect is definitely there. Large foreign businesses closely watching to see what attitude the government to a particular region. Obviously, if the government is investing in our territory so much money, then probably it is not intended shortly to wipe sweat from his forehead and forget about the existence of Vladivostok. For foreign investors summit in the seaside capital has been a definite sign - you can work with. Over the pastfive years and has changed the cultural life of the city. - Not to be confused with God's summit will, - said Victor hos Areseneva named director of the museum. - This is a normal tool of geopolitics. I would divide its cultural influence into two parts. First - it's cultural life, as a sequence of events. For international events were held related artists. And the series of events during the international forum was very tight. The second part - is the way in which localcultural institutions were able to make contact with their counterparts at the federal level in order to get it in their own development and from then on live happily ever after and cultural good. In our museum can tell you that we seize this opportunity. Just yesterday ended exhibition in conjunction with the Russian Ethnographic Museum. For us, it has become possible only because we have this opportunity of contact with partners converted to their own development. For the next twoyear there are at least five joint project ideas with museums in other regions. The very cultural life has become richer and more diverse. - Just yesterday opened a calendar of cultural events in the city and for himself noted that in August-September, there is no day, whenever anything happened to the cultural theme of the Chamber of intellectual lectures to festivals - continues Victor Shalai. - I do not remember such situations before. This is a good sign. If you do not slow down the pace and move withconfidence, will begin a tough competition for viewers. And the competition in this area, where the audience is, what to choose from, demonstrates the great city of this metropolis. I, as a citizen, I can see a qualitative change, not only in culture but in all areas. According to experts, over the past five years has changed the mood in Vladivostok. Distrust with which it was associated with the beginning of large-scale construction projects, dissipated. The successful holding of the international forum plugged many skeptics in his belt. And the new grand plans do not seem to be "castles in the clouds." Preparation for APEC and its holding formed a new social reality of the edge of the capital, pulling all spheres of life of the city to the international level. For example, a large-scale modernization of the public transport system. Remember, on any bus we rode before - broken rattletrap with an iconostasis on the windshield, which highlights the nature of martyrdom journeys. Today, the roads go modern, comfortable and technically advanced German buses MAN. By order of the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev purchased and took to the new routes Volkswagens. Is streamlined and in the organization of commercial traffic. In June 2011 between the administration and private motor transport enterprises signed an agreement, under which the company undertook in 2015 to completely renew its fleet. During 2011-2013 truckers bought 390 new buses and continue the systematic replacement of old vehicles. Total of 800 city buses needed, this year will be nearly 500. There was a large-scale reconstruction of parks and promenades of Vladivostok as part of the project "Marine Facade". Upgraded Admiral square, squares Twin Cities and Freemen, squares James Semenova, Admiral Makarov, Lenin, Sukhanov, Muravieva-Amur, and many others. For the decoration of urban space for the first time connected Vladivostok architects. All installation of monuments and art objects are given the history of the city. In 2012 a monument to the founder of Vladivostok Muravevu-Amur. Amazingly, up to 2008 in Vladivostok, was not approved master plan for the city. At the same summit set the task not only for high-level all the necessary measures, but also to develop regional infrastructure capital. To equip the city with no idea about his future, it would be like to block him oxygen. So, first of all, the master plan has been approved, and construction of the summit has been entered into it as concrete steps for its implementation. Shone with new paint facility in Vladivostok - the streets Admiral Fokin (local Arbat), sport and Ship Harbor waterfront. At the initiative of the mayor Igor Pushkarev refurbished fountains, and chief among them was the "singing and dancing" - it found light and music equipment. Over the past five years the number of street lights in the seaside capital has increased ten-fold - from three to 34 thousand. Every year, their number is added to a few thousand. The list of "before and after" you can still go on. The summit in the regional capital lasted for two days and not a week - it was stretched to five years, and his legacy lives on in the form of concrete material benefits: bridges, roads, etc., as well as energy potential. For us it is important to continue the momentum of development. Soon it will be the year in Vladivostok held Soon it will be the year in Vladivostok held Soon it will be the year in Vladivostok held Soon it will be the year in Vladivostok held Soon it will be the year in Vladivostok held Soon it will be the year in Vladivostok held Soon it will be the year in Vladivostok held

Sergei Petrachkov, the newspaper "Vladivostok"

Опубликовано:   16-08-2013, 17:46      |      Категория:  eng news

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