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The bill, initiated by the Legislative Assembly

The bill, initiated by the Legislative Assembly The bill, initiated by the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai, a return to the "collective ownership" of the brand, born in the Soviet Union, was admitted to the State Duma of Russia. The press service of the AP PC. Soviet trade marks, such as "Alenka", "Squirrels", "Bears in the north" and "Kara-Kum" offer to make more available for use. The developers of the document - coastal MPs want to amend the Civil Code, the returning rate, which operated until 2007. According to her for a manufacturer who produced the products under Soviet brands until 1992 retained the right to further free use of these trademarks. His initiative to motivate the authors of the bill have to stop judicial infighting between Russian entrepreneurs who provide multi-year litigation over the right to use well-known brands, presenting each other multimillion-dollar lawsuits. "After the abolition of the federal law of the Russian producers are in constant litigation between them, - said the deputy Valery PC AP Kahn. - The essence of the claim is an immediate cessation of production of products under the trademarks of other factories that are repeatedly put forward demands for the recovery of several million rubles. " Now, for example, the company "Seaside confectioner 'trial is due to the use of Soviet trademarks with the holding" United Confectioners ", which requires more than 7 million rubles for the infringement of the exclusive rights to the old brands. In Soviet times, all confectioneries were public, working to the same standards and producing chocolate and candy, similar in range and recipes remind MPs in the explanatory memorandum to the bill. Product names can be registered by the parent company or the name of the developer. But in the context of the global shortage and the lack of real competition in the need brands, as such, was not. After the collapse of the Soviet Union began to take the production to the private sector, and the once popular brands appeared holders. In this case continued to act normal, which allowed manufacturers to produce under previous Soviet trademarks, freely use them in the future. Eliminated it only in 2007 to close a loophole for foreign companies, acquiring the former Soviet enterprises were entitled unchecked and free to use as the world famous brand names. Now deputies are trying to get everything back to normal. RIA «VladNews» have repeatedly told about the history of the "Bird's milk", whose recipe was developed in Vladivostok. Now the question is that "Primkonu" as a developer of unique recipes, actually prohibited from issuing "birds" under the old name. The list of prohibited names even got the option of "Birdie seaside." Setting aside how many earn their "Soviet brands," "chocolate giants", the situation turns strange: regional companies that pay taxes to local budgets and provide jobs for local people who find themselves in an awkward situation, obviously. This situation required the intervention of local MPs, who, in turn, appealed to the federal legislator and more. In the subject. Journalists "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", for example, recently found that the problem of the use of Soviet trade marks is not only in our country but also in the space of the Customs Union. Experts have counted hundreds of similar or confusingly similar to a trademark, registered holders in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. And something had to be done. As one of the ways out of this situation considering the possibility of converting the local trademarks in the collective. But this is only an idea that does not formalized on paper.

Ivan the Terrible, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   16-08-2013, 17:45      |      Категория:  eng news

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The decision to «close» the Central regional library Kavalerovsky district for two days was approved by the court due to such violations of fire safety requirements. The court decision was enforced...

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