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Competition for the best apartment building was completed in Artem

This year, for the first time in Artem was competition for the best apartment building.

Competition for the best apartment building was completed in Artem

Competition for the best house in Artem was

It participated in all four houses. The Commission has assessed the design and cleanliness of entrances, and especially paying attention to the facade and the technical condition of the house.

The first contestant - a house on the street Voroshilov, 34 in the village of Donetsk. Residents of the home each year participate in such contests - the walls in the hallways are decorated with many thanks and certificates.

A flower bed in front of the house is decorated with flowers planted inscription - "Artem 75 years", and teenagers in the yard romp on the football and volleyball pitches.

In the courtyard at number 4 on the street Norilsk lots of greenery and lush flower beds. In the doorways of purity, while the children play on a landscaped ploschadke.Dom meets almost all the criteria of the competition, all participants of the outstanding public services are minimal.

The house on the street Lazo, 15/1 in 2012 won the competition for the best local area. Facade, entrances and roof completely renovated. In the courtyard full of greenery, flower beds adorned with flowers and toys.

The house on the street Donbass, 12 in the area of the mine "Amur", the only one of the contestants is in direct control of tenants. The house is surrounded by greenery and flowers, plus an additional container yard is fenced.

The inscription on the lawn, "Artem 75 years" planted bright flowers, chamomile on beds adorned with butterflies cut out of plastic bottles - said the press service of the VestiRegion.ru Artyom urban district.

Commission, we found all at home - the participants of this contest. The winner of the competition was the house on the street. Voroshilov, 34. Awarding will be held at the solemn meeting devoted to the 75th anniversary of Tom's.

Contest organizers are confident that next year the number of participants will increase considerably.

Competition for the best apartment building was completed in Artem

Опубликовано:   16-08-2013, 17:30      |      Категория:  eng news

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