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One of the books had come to welcome members of the Writers' Union

One of the books had come to welcome members of the Writers' Union One of the books had come to welcome members of the Writers' Union of Russia Anatoly Smirnov - "Wiesbaden always connected" tells the story of the famous scout Richard Sorge, part biography of which is connected with Vladivostok. "Richard Sorge was twice in our city, - said Anatoly Smirnov. - While working on this book, I was able to find the house in which he lived, to get acquainted with the radio operator who took encryption of Sorge in Tokyo. The name of this intelligence - property of our stories. Current and future generations of residents of Vladivostok to remember about this hero. " That is why social activists decided to appeal to the head of Vladivostok for help to install a monument to Richard Sorge. "Fund veterans of intelligence and counterintelligence," by the way, is already raising funds for the construction of this monument. Its representatives have demonstrated Igor Pushkarev model of the future of the monument, which, if approved, would be built by charitable contributions patrons. The initiative was supported by Igor Pushkarev. Head of Vladivostok noted that in recent years the city installed or renovated dozens of monuments of various historical, patriotic, cultural, semantic and associative array. They have become landmarks of the city, points of attraction of its residents and visitors. This series can certainly supplement and a monument to Richard Sorge - the more that a year ago, the City Commission adopted a decision on the place names of awarding public garden near house number 55 on the avenue of the 100th anniversary of Vladivostok name of the legendary spy. In November last year, there was a memorial stone in honor of Richard Sorge. Now the thing - for landscaping and gardening this square to match that of the new monument. The head of the disposal of the relevant structures of the Vladivostok Administration thorough work on this issue. So in the near future Vladivostok decorate another monument testifying to the glorious history of our city.

Опубликовано:   15-08-2013, 10:02      |      Категория:  eng news

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