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This year, the Primorye Territory staff

This year, the Primorye Territory staff This year, the Primorye Territory's regional staff of the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service detained 930 Russian citizens who were in the federal and international wanted for crimes. Among the detainees - foreign nationals who were wanted for illegal actions of extremist and terrorist nature. So, in Vladivostok police, together with representatives of the FSB Russia for the Primorye Territory detained two citizens of Uzbekistan at the age of 27 and 32 years who were in the federal wanted list for the city police department of Bukhara. At home, the suspect charged with the creation, management, participation in religious extremist, separatist, fundamentalist or other banned organizations. With respect to detainees drawn up an administrative offense with forced deportation from the Russian Federation. In March 2013 members of Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service of Russia Primorsky Krai was arrested 25-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan, who was in the international wanted, suspected of terrorist activities and extremist. Judge of the Frunze district court decision on administrative expulsion of a citizen from Russia. In the course of jointly held operational and search activities in July of this year the officers of the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the MOI of Russia Primorsky Krai and Primorsky FSB arrested two 29-year-old Uzbek citizens suspected of kidnapping and extortion. The suspects in order to obtain cash stolen resident of Artem and held it for a day, demanding his relatives to transfer funds in the amount of five thousand dollars in Uzbekistan. In the case of non-compliance threatened to cause injury hostage. During the detention of the suspects resisted. The victim, a compatriot kidnappers released. Suspects detained. One of the priorities of the police - the identification of locations and detention of residents of different regions of Russia have committed crimes and fugitives. In June of this year, in the course of joint operational-search activities in Vladivostok, the regional staff of the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service detained a native of Dagestan, which removed the device silencers, traumatic gun, converted by firing live ammunition and ammunition. A criminal case under article "Illegal purchase, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of weapons, its main parts, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices." Police officers found that the 30-year-old detainee is on the federal wanted list for committing a robbery. In order to prevent extremism and inter-ethnic tensions held meetings with leaders of ethnic communities and religious organizations. The police checked the apartment, private households, dormitories, hotels, other accommodation and stay of members of ethnic communities, including - in the markets, trading bases, construction sites, using hired labor of foreign workers. Precinct police conducted inspections of shopping facilities with audio-visual materials and printed materials for evidence of the spread of extremist ideologies. According to the Russian Federal Migration Service of the Office of the Primorsky Territory, the territory of Primorye in the current year recorded 111427 foreign nationals, including those who arrived in the implementation of employment - 34919. For violation of the rules of residence on the territory of Russia for six months administratively liable 6597 foreign nationals. 1023 handed down the decision on expulsion. For gross violations of migration legislation expelled 841 people. It should be noted that the detention of foreign nationals in the federal or international wanted, is the result of a planned joint activities of the regional Departments of the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service of Russia on the decriminalization of the region. According to experts, is currently in Primorye are no recorded instances of active representatives of social or religious extremist.

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