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Special program IFF "Pacific Meridian"

Special program IFF "Pacific Meridian" Special program IFF "Pacific Meridian" "Moving Forward" will present films that were the result of an experimental approach to the creation and production of the movie. Movies section of one thing - the apparent desire of authors to enrich the language of cinema, to expand the narrative and visual possibilities film. According to the press service of the XI International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries "Pacific Meridian", the year-on-year in the section "Moving Forward" show films that have caused public outcry, inspired by the heated discussions. In the program "Moving Forward" will be shown seven tapes, these pictures are shot already known filmmakers - the leaders of the contemporary art scene. - A visual study deployed at the junction of narrative cinema and experimental videos. Poetizatsiya machine is implemented here in a monotonous story of the everyday life of a fishing vessel. Directed by using conventional cameras and demonstrated the potential of mobile devices registering, achieving a tactile effect in each frame. - The latest work of the famous director duo Jo~ao Pedro Rodrigues and Jo~ao Rui Guerra Yes Mata, who became one of the hits of last year's festival in Locarno. In his new film directors offer sophisticated design, combining a detective story, full of twists and turns, with a detailed commentary on topical issues of the day. . Cambodian kinometr Reethi Pan throughout his career, specifically reconstructs the experience of the dictatorship, which has made it synonymous with the home of the most radical of the project - the Cambodian genocide. The viewer is inside the historical museum, where static images with the utmost degree of eloquence draw the tragedy, for which other forms of description are rendered useless. - The new film of the young Mexican director Nicol'as Pereda, pet progressive critics and the top prize of the section "Horizons" the Venice Film Festival in 2010. Following the general for the Mexican cinema vector representation on the social, the newly drawn to the everyday life of ordinary people in their homeland. Heroes, periodically breaking those artistic boundaries and conditions that are set before them, the director shall enter into a dialogue with the very nature of the narrative, becoming a co-author of the work. . The famous Russian playwright and theater director Ivan Rhythm is not the first time invades the cinematic language in an attempt to combine the reality of the film and the author's methodology. All the film is localized in the hallway usual city hospital, where the difference between life and death is difficult to identify. . Filipino director Lav Diaz does not need any introduction - he has a lot of awards and widespread international acclaim. "North. The End of History "- free interpretation of" Crime and Punishment "appears in all its four-eventness sentence as a modern society. Transfer their pain through the maze of complex relationships woven characters - the central objective of the Philippine master. . These days, any, even the most ordinary mobile phone is smart enough to compete with GM in chess. Yet at the beginning of the 1980s it was completely different. At the time, "botany" of all ages gathered together and made bets on how much time is left until the moment when computers will surpass humans. This story tells of how competition programmers who create computer chess, out of control

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On May Day holidays will not be allowed drunk and armed vladivostoktsev
29-04-2013, 21:00, eng news
Vladivostok held a briefing "Public order during the May holidays."......
The profile change
27-08-2013, 18:32, eng news
The profile change "Patriot" is organized for leaders of youth and children's organizations, senior asset of the city. The change will take place from August 30 to September 1 at the recreation...
Vladivostok covered cyclonic front of China
20-07-2013, 11:30, eng news
Last night went to Vladivostok next cyclonic front of China. It brought heavy rainfall and strong winds. In the morning and in the afternoon on Saturday, July 20 in Vladivostok expected heavy rain...
Initiator of the hospice in Vladivostok Andrei cash to
14-04-2013, 14:10, eng news
After 10 years of fruitless dialogue with the authorities in the region have only palliative care doctor Andrei cash hope for the hospice in Vladivostok. Krayzdrav finished version of the project. It...
Today, 30 June, weather in Primorye determine
30-06-2013, 12:01, eng news
Today, 30 June, weather in Primorye define the front sections. In the region of short rains in places, storms, and rain. And southwestern wind of умеренный.Температура air 1631°C. In Vladivostok...
In May, in Vladivostok will perform
19-03-2013, 05:07, eng news
Popular rock band, has been for many years the top storming the charts "Nashe Radio", will arrive in Beijing with new programs, and fans have a chance to go to both concerts at the best price......
The cheapest pack of cigarettes in Russia soon will cost 150 rubles
3-04-2013, 06:40, eng news
Russia has attended health of the nation and join the fight against smoking......
Vladivostok because of an emergency repair heating
24-08-2013, 16:45, eng news
Vladivostok because of an emergency repair heating is stopped on the street Russian trolleybus on two lines. Repairs began on Saturday morning. Trolleybus stopped on the fifth and eleventh...
Bus route №15K tied Working with the center of Vladivostok
6-06-2013, 18:01, eng news
Bus route №15K tied Working with the center of Vladivostok and shortest way. Today, on June 6 6:40 am on line «Labor - TC Emerald - Labor» there are municipal buses Volkswagen. And if earlier,...
Nearly 54 million rubles allocated from the reserve fund of
11-09-2013, 04:11, eng news
Nearly 54 million rubles allocated from the reserve fund of the Primorsky Territory Administration to pay residents of the flood-affected areas. As the correspondent of RIA «VladNews» in the...

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