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In Vladivostok, the robbery occurred at 47 years of

In Vladivostok, the robbery occurred at 47 years of In Vladivostok, the robbery occurred at the 47-year-old man. The victim, returning home late at night, he saw the company of people, consisting of four men and one woman, who asked him for a cigarette. Not paying attention to this request, he went to the side of his house. A little later, I heard footsteps behind, and then felt like someone reached into his jacket pocket. One of the attackers, threatening with a knife, robbed the victim money and cell phone. The company then fled in an unknown direction. During patrolling the area on one of the parking police noticed a man resembling the descriptions of a suspect. When conducting inspections at the gatehouse guard in the parking lot were found knives and money in the amount of 7000 rubles. The victim learned of the detainee. It was this man take the money and phone. Later, the Criminal Investigation Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Vladivostok detained the girl who was trying to sell the phone the victim in one of the cafes on the street Balyaeva. When clarifying the circumstances, it was learned that the girl - the wife of one of the attackers. All participants attacks delivered to the police department to determine the circumstances. A criminal case under article "robbery."

Опубликовано:   27-07-2013, 13:30      |      Категория:  eng news

Work carried out at the site from a public
17-09-2013, 19:42, eng news
Work carried out in the area of public transport "Nekrasovskaya" towards the exit of the city. The workers are working simultaneously on 12 stitches. During the renovation movement in the right lane...
Young doctors working in rural areas, will get a million rubles
7-08-2013, 22:16, eng news
The Department of Health in the Primorsky Krai began receiving the necessary documents from the young doctors, who went to work in the countryside. 1 million rubles - for young rural doctors in...
29-05-2013, 12:31, eng news
Icebreaker "Magadan" of "FESCO" completed work on the wiring ships in port and from the port of Magadan and sent to the port of Vladivostok. As the press-service of JSC "FESCO", for navigation in...
The regional parliament debating a law on the system of capital repairs of apartment houses
4-06-2013, 11:40, eng news
In Primorye, will set up a special fund from which the money will be spent on the repair of apartment buildings. Act of Parliament discusses the repair of houses above the corresponding Maritime bill...
Primorye celebrates Submariner
19-03-2013, 07:53, eng news
All the units of the Pacific Fleet submariners today, Submariner Day, celebrations are held......
Seaside spectator in the theater feels cheated
28-03-2013, 06:21, eng news
World Theatre Day was noted by all the actors and scenes ministers......
In fact the fatal crash in Vladivostok prosecuted
11-06-2013, 17:17, eng news
Early in the morning of May 25 on Avenue 100 years of Vladivostok transportation links between the "Nekrasovskaya" and "Youth" a man hit by a car from his injuries, he died. On the fact of fatal...
August 252013 in an apartment on the street Industrial
27-08-2013, 11:00, eng news
August 252013 in an apartment on the street in the city of Industry Partizanske found the body of 76-year-old pensioner with knife wounds to the neck and chest. The apartment also found 43-year-old...
That Chinese medicine is harmful to the coastal
6-06-2013, 18:02, eng news
That Chinese medicine is harmful to the coastal taiga reported. Here's another example, this time from the Ussuriysk customs. Last week Ussuri customs officials prevented an attempt of illegal...
The budget of the Primorsky territory for 2013 revised. As
27-06-2013, 11:46, eng news
The budget of the Primorsky territory for 2013 revised. As the press service of the AP PC, taking into account changes of its parameters will make: income - 70 billion 540 million roubles,...

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