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In the match of the 4th round of the Championship First Division Oleksandr

In the match of the 4th round of the Championship First Division Oleksandr In the match of the 4th round of the Championship First Division Oleksandr Grigorian defeated 1-0 one of the tournament favorites - FC "Ufa". The victory brought the hosts' billiard blow "Ilya Mikhalev at the 88th minute of the meeting: Ukrainian striker brilliantly executed free kick - a 35-meter" put "the ball to the left" six ". The victory over the "old-timer" FNL allowed "Ray-Energy" move in the standings from 19th place to 15th. "Luch-Energia" (Vladivostok) - "Ufa" (Ufa) - 1:0 (0:0) Goals: Mikhalyev, 88 - 1-0. Round 4. Superiority of Russia on football teams of First Division clubs sezona-2013/2014. 23072013. Vladivostok. "Dynamo" stadium, 4000 spectators. The teams: "Luch": Kotljarov, Tetrashvili, R., Nightingale, pretzels, Romanenko, Klopkov, Ponomarenko (Gridnev, 79) Kiselev (Kolychev, 63), Mavletdinov (Mikhalev, 42), Tihonovetsky (Dorozhkin, 59). "Ufa": Yurchenko, Sukhov, Tishkin, Osipov, Alikin, De Oliveira William Arthur, Kireev (Zaseev, 64), Daniel (Myazin, 90 +), Valikaev (Podkorytov, 75), blue (Zabolotnyi, 67), De Oliveira Carlos Diego. Warning: Tikhonovets, 52 Mikhalev, 89 - Tishkin, 8 Alikin, 12 Kireev, 61. Referee: Igor Fedotov (Moscow). Pre-match stats "Luch-Energia" - "Saturn": Attempts on target (on target) 13 (4 1 - Rod, 1 - horizontal bar) - 9 (2) Dangerous moments: 3 - 1 Corner kicks: 0 - 0 Comment : - Today I have a "silver" wedding. When there were five minutes to go, I thought, "Do not make a gift lads? '. Done! Emotions are naturally positive. Of all the teams that we played, it was the most qualified contender. We had no choice now. It was necessary to take the three points. On the content of the game we deserve them. This is the case when I repeat: on scoring chances we have surpassed rival. Although for a long time to impose their lead such a team is very difficult. In the "Ufa" play skilled players who enjoy the game of soccer. Today, as in the previous matches, we had a lot of things, but finally scored. - Can you describe the two newcomers somehow "Ray-Energy": Katsaeva and Gridneva? - As for Adlan Katsaeva, even though he's playing and age - 25 years, he has behind him about 70 games in the Premier League for Grozny "Terek". He is a central midfielder, but can play on the wing. Today I wanted to let him go, but changed his mind - let Kolycheva to strengthen the left flank of the attack and pushed forward Krendeleva to his position. Gridnev literally flew today, four hours slept, drank coffee and went to the game. Came off the bench. He is a defensive midfielder, behind which also has games in the Premier League in the "Wings of the Soviets", "Saturn". He's a good, quality player. Quietly we shall complete. Unfortunately, we are still traumatized Dzhioev, Mogilev - two central defenders, and sorry it took so long Koryan restored. I think in these games, it would have helped. I have good news: soon to be declared Dmitry Semochko. Alas, he will have to serve four-match suspension, so earlier than five rounds we do not see. But I am glad that he will be on the team, and, although over time, but will strengthen us. - I think the match was very tense. There were a lot of struggle and fouls. We are well aware that the opponent after three defeats, of course, wants to play on the result and win. Tried to beat all made so as not to lose points, but missed a four-minute free kick. I would like to congratulate the team "Ray" with a victory. Wish her the best of luck in the future. In the first half, it was hard, after a long flight. It can be seen that it that "beam" to have superior speed. Two points were near our goal, but in general, I think were worthy. I wanted more, but with the struggle that we have imposed, with that attitude to the work that has been with us, we have to try in the next match rehabilitated to their fans. The remaining matches of the 4th round of the Championship First Division ended with these results: "Mordovia" - 'Yenisey' - 3-0 'Dynamo "SPB -« Siberia »- 1:0' Baltika" - "Angusht '- 1-0' Salute ' - "Chemist" - 0:0 "Rotor" - "Saturn" - 2:0 "Torpedo" - "Gazovik" - 0:2 "Arsenal" - "SKA-Energia" - 5:1 "Spartak Nalchik" - " Alania "- 1:1. The next game, "Luch-Energia" will hold on July 28 in Nazran against FC "Angusht."

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Under the hospice in Vladivostok regional authorities have proposed one-story building built in 1905
22-04-2013, 18:21, eng news
Under the hospice in the Primorsky Territory proposed to use the one-story building built in 1905. It is located on the island of Russian, here now operates hospitals and clinics. Under the hospice...
В целях повышения доступности граждан к информации
3-07-2013, 20:46, eng news
В целях повышения доступности граждан к информации о наличии (отсутствии) у них задолженности по исполнительным производствам, Федеральной службой судебных приставов разработано официальное...
Caused by drunk drivers in Primorye suffered two girls
29-03-2013, 10:10, eng news
37-year-old man in the Maritime Territory, in a state of intoxication, caused a car accident. Caused by drunk drivers in the Maritime region affected children Press Service reported VestiRegion.ru...
Flower inscription «Vladivostok» in the prospectus
5-06-2013, 00:32, eng news
Flower inscription «Vladivostok, Prospekt 100-letiya Vladivostoka in the area of the public transport stop «Molodezhnaya» again pleases townspeople. Specialists MBU «Горзеленстрой» are planted here...
Так, завтра, 4 июля, в 15 часов в Адмиральском сквере
3-07-2013, 20:45, eng news
Так, завтра, 4 июля, в 15 часов в Адмиральском сквере пройдет акция «Владивосток – территория детства», посвященная 153-летию города. Под открытым небом пройдет выставка книг и периодических изданий...
In Primorye police have detained a suspect in the double murder of
8-08-2013, 13:15, eng news
Police in Primorye detained a man suspected of two murders. Found that he was not working and permanent residence also have not. Double murder committed in Primorye man admitted that during a drunken...
The parade of brass bands on Saturday night restrict vehicular traffic in the center of Vladivostok
15-05-2013, 19:20, eng news
In this regard, in order to ensure the safety of road users decided to temporarily restrict the movement of all modes of transport on a number of streets in the city center. (STREET)......
In China, selling puppies for $ 750 thousand
22-03-2013, 03:37, eng news
Tibetan mastiffs are different restraint and calm, while the guards are excellent home......
In Vladivostok tomorrow, 19 June, a Second
18-06-2013, 09:45, eng news
In Vladivostok tomorrow, 19 June, opened the Second international youth festival of twin cities and towns, friendly capital of Primorye. It is organized by the administration of Vladivostok with the...
By the new heating season in Vladivostok repair heating systems
12-06-2013, 12:15, eng news
In preparation of Vladivostok for the new heating season specialists repairing heating systems. This week's new plastic pipes are placed on a central heating station at Kiev, 5 to houses on the...

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