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"Case" Ogata, "of which so much

"Case" Ogata, "of which so much "Case" Ogata, "the much reported in the media, is nearing completion. July 182013 the juryPrimorsky Krai Court verdict 11-minute local people, ten of them were found guilty of committing a number of serious and very serious crimes in the economic sphere and crimes against life and health of citizens, committed, including, as part of a criminal group and the gang. As told to the correspondent of RIA «VladNews» Senior Assistant Attorney Primorye Elena Telegina, the jury found it proven that in 2007 in the city of Vladivostok was established criminal organization composed of two divisions. The activities of the first group was sent to the illegal acquisition by cheating another's property (Company PC "Farkon" and "Company OGAT"), giving it a legitimate kind of possession and use for the benefit of the community. The second group launched attacks on citizens, impede the realization of the intentions of participants of a criminal association for the purpose of intimidation, suppression of the will and desire to resist, and their physical elimination. As crimes also involved persons who are not in a criminal organization. Attacks were carried out not only to citizens, providing resistance to the participants of a criminal association with the illegal purchase of the right to property of legal entities, but also to individuals who, through their roles official position taken steps to attract community members to justice for their crimes, and otherwise impeded them. Thus, the three members of the group attacked the deputy head of the Federal Registration Service for Primorsky Krai Alexander Dyachenko, who took the decision to suspend the state registration of the transfer of ownership of real property from the "Company OGAT", persons controlled by members of an organized group. From the actions of the two members of the gang hit the Vladivostok garrison military prosecutor, Colonel of Justice Oleg Demin, which contributed to initiating a criminal investigation into the theft of the right to property "Company OGAT." In addition, a list of persons hindering the criminal activities of the group, got a judge of the Arbitration Court of Primorye Vasily Ovchinnikov, who heard the case of an action for annulment of transactions of purchase and sale of real estate belonging to the said organization. Four of the defendants to intimidate attacked his father chief of investigation department of the Internal Affairs Directorate Pervorechenskij district of Vladivostok Dmitry Vaeva who oversaw the investigation of the criminal case on the fact of fraud. Subsequently attacked by gang members subjected to direct and head of the investigation department said. Father and son from his injuries died. In addition, in May 2009 members of the gang murder of Acting Director "Company OGAT" Igor Hovhannisyan. Total recognized as victims in the case of 23 persons and 3 representatives of the companies. The organizer of a criminal association (Sergey Sanzharov) disappeared from the investigating authorities and the international wanted list. The jury recognized the proven participation eleventh person involved in the case (a lawyer Vitaly Beregovskogo) in a criminal and fraudulent activities, while considering him not guilty of committing these crimes. Legal assessment of the actions of the defendants will be given the Primorsky Krai Court of the discussion on the consequences of the verdict. It is worth noting that the "case" Ogata "happened very confusing and investigated for a long time. A source told RIA «VladNews» from unofficial sources, including those who attacked the law enforcers were professional athletes (some of whom were followers of the peaceful martial arts like aikido). The attacks, mostly committed with the use of scraps of metal pipes and rebar rods which victims, blows to the head. There is in this case more so strange, "Postscript" - in the detention center of Vladivostok is currently detained the suspect - Michael C., a former military intelligence. Among the crimes that alleged against him, - an attempt to direct the investigation on the wrong track because of the "affair" OGAT. " Some time ago, Mikhail S. organized the kidnapping of local MP, entrepreneur, from which a video camera was trying to get evidence that he allegedly ordered the killing is Hovhannisyan. However, the trick to the former security officer failed - he and his accomplices were arrested and "confessions" from happening

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