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In this regard, Single duty dispatching service and

In this regard, Single duty dispatching service and In this regard, Single duty dispatching service and management for Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Vladivostok Administration reported: According to "Primgidrometa" in the morning and in the afternoon on Saturday, July 20 in Vladivostok expected heavy rain with rainfall up to 40 mm in 12 hours or less in the south -easterly winds of 15-20 meters per second, gusting up to 26 meters per second. The temperature in the coming weekend will be: at night +15 +21 o C during the day - in the rain +17 +23 o C, with clearings +23 +27 o C. At loss of a significant amount of rainfall is possible discharge of water from the Pioneer Bogatinskogo and reservoirs and, as a result, flooding floodplains Sedanka and rich. All of these basic services instructed to be prepared to eliminate the effects caused by these adverse weather conditions. The heads of the enterprises of different types of property recommended to organize this duty period, a reserve fuel, materials, spare parts, carry out the activities excluding flooding equipment. Drivers of all types of vehicles are asked to observe extra caution when driving through the city. Reports of all violations in the urban economy will be taken for action dispatcher on duty EDDS Vladivostok call 2-222-333. Precipitation gradually receding in the afternoon on Sunday, July 21.

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Seminar on
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Seminar on "Creating an effective system of regional information space in the sphere of interethnic relations. Features of formation, the experience of regions "in Vladivostok. The seminar was...
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First victory in the second Turkish footballers collection won "Luch-Energia"......
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Another new playground was opened in Vladivostok near the house at the address. Gamarnik 19. Before the official opening is still a couple of days, but RIA «VladNews» decided to visit her now and ask...
7 June 2013 near the house №27 on the street in neibuta St.
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7 June 2013 near the house №27 on the street neibuta St., in the city of Vladivostok found the body of a pensioner 1933 with signs of violent death. On the given fact investigatory bodies of...
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Palo sports complex on the island of Russian is ready to take its first visitors. It provides students and teachers - a large swimming pool, games room with table tennis, a huge hall for volleyball...
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As part of the working group involved in the field audit - employees of the department for the implementation of administrative law MOI of Russia for the Primorye Territory, experts of the department...
Drunken habarovchanin shot crew from Japan
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The Japanese were street shooting, when they were approached by 29-year old young man. Drunken habarovchanin tried to find out something of the guests of the city, but, not having an answer, pulled...
If you are going on vacation, do not forget about the commitment to the bailiffs
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In the department of bailiffs Soviet district of Vladivostok enforcement proceedings against owe on loans. 30000 lady did not return in a hurry, and the bankers went to court. Bailiffs may restrict...
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Home on the street Cheremukhovaya, 8 from the mayor Igor Pushkarev will get the playground, and at home on Avramenko, 15 International, 53 and Magnitogorsk, 13 receive slides and swings......
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The contract for the plant is not known, but it is said that the price of one of the large boats. The first boat of project 14157 was laid on the stocks of the plant April 272012......

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