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However, the nearby area clearly in need of improvement,

However, the nearby area clearly in need of improvement, However, the nearby area clearly in need of improvement, and children's facilities are outdated. A few months ago, Igor Pushkarev has given the task to expand the territory, make comfortable comfort zones for children to plant new trees. Yesterday, July 16 the mayor came to see how the project is implemented. "It did the layout, installed several new game designs for children. Soon begin to design flower beds and lawns. A perimeter fence kindergarten will be green, "- reported to the mayor contractors. At the kindergarten number 55 on the edges, 5 runs excavator. This garden was the second in a working trip mayor. The builders placed the new curb and asphalt paths along the building. Children, their parents and staff of the kindergarten to the construction site is treated with understanding, because after all the work here will be new slides, swings, sand and colored rubber track. "We need to use the maximum area designated for educational institutions. In the garden at the edge even managed to expand the territory. And now there will be more space for walking. A perimeter will be planted maples and birches "- said the mayor. He then drove to the bird cherry, 2. Here is the school number 27. In the course of its accomplishment in the install new lights and cameras, the new fence and sports facilities. Now it is working excavator. A team of builders holding territory planning and installation of new fences, gabions. The last point of the trip was working on the garden Svetlanskaya, 118a. It is located near the roadway. Until now, there was no sidewalk and pedestrians were forced to walk in the kindergarten area. There was no fence around the perimeter of the institution. Playgrounds are obsolete. Now, next to the garden setting new slides, swings and ladders. Outside next to the road pavement style. Fence around the garden will appear. On the territory install surveillance cameras and additional lighting lanterns. Separation of playgrounds will be performed by a live green hedge. In the garden are good enough green areas, but most of the trees that are in need of care and rejuvenation pruning. This work is also currently underway. Summing up the trip, the mayor said that as long as the list updated - Garden on the streets of Craiova, 5 (№ 55), Nadibaidze, 24 (№ 179), Svetlanskaya, and 118 (№ 154), and a school for bird cherry, 2 (№ 27 ). However, the list will be further expanded. It will include gardens on bird cherry, 17 Heroes of Pacific, 14 schools and Oleg Mishka, 26. "Improvement comes at a good pace - the head of the city - In the past year, all of these institutions have made facades and roofs. This is their territory will turn into well, the most functional and comfortable. Churkin decided to start with, but in the future we plan to landscaping and other remote areas. "

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These days the campus Palo festival
20-08-2013, 14:02, eng news
These days the campus Palo festival "Summer in Russian 2013". During the festival, the Youth Office Savings Bank in case number 24 meets thousands of guests, including the citizens of Vladivostok,...
The following year, the cost of gasoline in Russia may grow
21-09-2013, 12:36, eng news
The following year, the cost of gasoline in Russia can grow to a maximum of 1.4 rubles. This was announced by Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov. This will happen as a result of increases in...
Distant Japan or will the Beijing political and economic center of Russia in Asia?
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At the airport of Vladivostok look for a bomb
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Now the territory of Vladivostok International Airport cordoned off. According to preliminary information, received an anonymous call about mining airport. City police checks on this fact....
Exhibition of American comic opens in Vladivostok
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Museum of the VK Arseniev, April 10 at 13:00 invites everyone to the opening of the exhibition "Country supermen. History of American comic books."......
A few years ago, the young couple had a daughter.
10-07-2013, 14:34, eng news
A few years ago, the young couple had a daughter. However, as is often the case, the parents, tired of domestic turmoil and endless showdown, have decided to issue a divorce, leaving his father to...
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Lead singer of "The King and the Clown" Michael Gorshenev died in St. Petersburg on Friday night, according to the website of the group. Before his fortieth birthday, he did not live less than a...
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Be at the right time in the right place is sometimes very important. As RIA «VladNews» in the press service of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia Primorsky Krai, recently took the next story. By...
Environmental damage due to illegal tree felling company reimbursed the seaside
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An official of the company in accordance with the Administrative Code with a fine of 20 thousand rubles......
How to protect children from abuse?
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On the first day of spring in Vladivostok brought together experts to discuss the special topic of the day of the last days - child abuse. The experts discussed the issue of the day - child abuse...

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