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Irina Rodnina: "In Primorye, a unique concert and sports complex"

The Governor of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky Today, July 15 together with the deputy of the State Duma and a member of the State Duma Committee on Education Irina Rodnina was in concert and sports complex at Vladivostok .

The head of the region noted that CSC will take the audience, as planned, in September.
"Now here is filled both arenas. September 27 will have passed the first game against CSKA Moscow ", - said Vladimir Miklushevsky.

After inspection of the complex Irina Rodnina said a grand structure.
"This sports palace I see for the first time, it is unique. There are places for people with disabilities, which is a screen for the audience. I saw a lot of ice arenas, and believe me, it is simply wonderful "- shared his impressions Irina Rodnina.

She also noted the many positive changes in the region.
"I am in Vladivostok for the fifth time. So I can compare what it was before the APEC summit and now. Excellent modern roads built, unique bridges , Palo campus at all this only in Russia. I think even the townspeople began to look at the city in a different way ", - said Irina Rodnina.

Irina Rodnina gave Vladimir Miklushevsky his book "Tears of champions", and invited the Governor of the legendary athlete at the opening concert and sports complex in Vladivostok and the first game of the coastal ice hockey club "Admiral" with CSKA.

Irina Rodnina: "In Primorye, a unique concert and sports complex"

Irina Rodnina visited the sports complex under construction

The head of the region have also stressed that the construction of CSC - a big step for the development of not only professional, but also popular sports in the region - the press service of the Governor of Primorye .

"Creation in Primorye CHL teams and the opportunity to attend the game - a huge incentive for the boys who love hockey," - said Vladimir Miklushevsky.

He also said that the region has adopted a program for the construction of universal playgrounds. In winter you can play hockey and skating in the summer - to play football, volleyball and basketball.

Irina Rodnina: "In Primorye, a unique concert and sports complex"

Опубликовано:   15-07-2013, 13:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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