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Primorye can retrain unemployed due to the regional budget

For more than two and a half thousand people, some reasons out of work, were able to get a new skill at the expense of the regional budget. For these purposes, the Treasury scheduled more than 57 million rubles.

Primorye can retrain unemployed due to the regional budget

The unemployed have the opportunity to retrain Primorye

Experts offer employment services to be trained, given the desire of the applicant, his experience and state of health. Students can count on a small stipend. Today, the program has more than 100 boundary schools, offers more than 150 majors.

An applicant has an opportunity to learn not only the place of residence - in the direction of the school to another location within Primorye Financial support. Also paid travel, per diem for their journey to their training and back, hiring a property at the time of learning.

Experts note that to date have used the opportunity to retrain some five thousand Primorye - expert says the regional Department of Labor and Social Development Elena Sumin.

Primorye can retrain unemployed due to the regional budget

Опубликовано:   4-07-2013, 19:45      |      Категория:  eng news

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The lady was trying to sell to Russian buyers prohibited capsules for weight loss......
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