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Nakhodka and Suifenhe transport corridor linking

Transport corridor between Nakhodka and Suifenhe may appear in the near future.

Nakhodka and Suifenhe transport corridor linking

Transport corridor linking Nakhodka and Suifenhe

On the prospects of cooperation in Nakhodka interviewed leaders of the two cities. Marine cargo can be delivered to Japan and Korea.

The first secretary of the city committee of the Communist Party Zhao Lyantszyun praised transport and logistics potential finds and port infrastructure.

According to the mayor of Nakhodka Nakhodka Oleg Kolyadina Suifenhe and connects many foreign trade operations. Today in Nakhodka in different industries employ about a thousand Chinese. The Parties agree to develop economic cooperation and on.

The delegation from Nakhodka invited to the "International Exhibition of border trade - 2013." It will be held in Suifenhe from 8 to 12 August. The exhibition halls will be posted with the exposition of goods and energy services, construction, timber, light industry, electronics, tourism and consumer goods.

Nakhodka and Suifenhe transport corridor linking

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