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Primorye Governor instructed to study the issue of implementation of the program start-ups for young scientists

The Governor of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky held a meeting with the rector of the University of California at Los Angeles David Gene Block.

Primorye Governor instructed to study the issue of implementation of the program start-ups for young scientists

In Palo will introduce startups

The head of the region noted that the campus Palo, which is a meeting - one of the best in Russia and the world. But the university is still much to do to take its rightful place among the world's universities.
"The strategy Palo - this internationalization, inviting students from abroad, so that they can be trained by English-language programs. Educational, scientific and cultural relations can reduce the tension between the countries. Moreover, if the links are aligned correctly, they contribute to and economic cooperation ", - said Vladimir Miklushevsky.

Rector of the University of California, said that now is actively working on building cooperation with Palo.
"Russia is famous for its science, and we see great potential for development cooperation in the field of research. Cooperation with universities seaside will be a good addition and expansion of our already established relationships with universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg ", - said Gene Block.

Rector also spoke about the support programs for start-ups, in which the university encourages student organizations at the University of California - VestiRegion.ru reported the press service of the Governor of
Primorsky Krai.

Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky stressed that Primorye especially strongly developed several areas of science - marine biology, and Orientalism. He said the program start-ups and can be integrated in Primorye, but a prerequisite for adaptation of the Russian reality and mentality.
"I would be interested to work in this direction in terms of the transformation of these initiatives on the level of the region. The higher education system is important for the development of the region. I'll get to Sergei Ivantsiv discuss the details with you this question ", - said Vladimir Miklushevsky.

Primorye Governor instructed to study the issue of implementation of the program start-ups for young scientists

Опубликовано:   27-06-2013, 16:15      |      Категория:  eng news

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