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An interesting case (number 3/10-23/2013) is considered

An interesting case (number 3/10-23/2013) is considered An interesting case (number 3/10-23/2013) is considered today in Nadezhda district court. The suspect in the old 286 part 2 of the criminal code Vedernikov GI, former head of the Nadezhda district, filed a complaint on the inaction of the investigator WITH the UK's failure to carry out properly procedural audit at the request of Vedernikova about bringing to criminal liability Petrov V.V.» (quote from the official text of the complaint). Unfortunately, the correspondent of RIA «VladNews» has not yet managed to find out who is «Petrov V.V.» and why he complains Gregory Vedernikov, however, it seems that the vortex of the Nadezhda criminal case connected with the earth, involves all new and new people. It is as if the former head of the Nadezhda district starts to move in a counter-offensive on the investigation bodies. Unfortunately, learn about who and whom to complain of in the course of this high profile criminal proceedings can not from a lawyer Gregory Vedernikov, and not from the message of the investigative bodies, but only from the official site of the court of the Nadezhda district. As already reported earlier to RIA «VladNews», today the power in Nadezhda district presents, perhaps, only the acting head of the district. The local Duma, the terms of which expire, almost «self-destruct» after the voluntary addition of the responsibility near надеждинских deputies deputies.

Ivan Severe

Опубликовано:   24-06-2013, 12:31      |      Категория:  eng news

Maritime traffic police estimated the victims of last year's May Day
30-04-2013, 12:00, eng news
88% of accidents were the fault of motorists - speeding, violation of the rules of passing a pedestrian crossing, exit into oncoming traffic, transportation management in a state of intoxication....
RAO ES of the East has summed up through the heating season 2012-2013
15-05-2013, 20:20, eng news
For the first time in 20 years in the area of Unified Energy System of East (East IPS) was recorded with a maximum power consumption - 5472 MW......
Useful for people NGOs Maritime authorities will support
3-03-2013, 06:27, eng news
As the financial support from the regional budget socially oriented NGOs through a competitive tender, a subsidy......
On May Day in Vladivostok will be light rain
29-04-2013, 13:00, eng news
The first part of the ensuing weeks overshadow the weather with precipitation, while the second will be sunny......
Vladivostok train will go on the new schedule
21-05-2013, 19:40, eng news
Interurban electric train in Vladivostok on weekdays, will go to a more convenient time for the citizens......
The debt problems of the enterprises on land tax and low wages discussed in Vladivostok Administration
27-03-2013, 12:50, eng news
At the meeting of the Commission were invited leaders of 28 companies that are in arrears to the land tax, low pay......
In the Fifth Appellate Court will soon be
23-07-2013, 22:18, eng news
In the Fifth Appellate Court will soon be reviewed by a decision of the Arbitration Court of Primorye to recover with "RES-1" for the benefit of "DEK" 5936471578 (59 million), is the cost of energy...
Offer terms are simple: send us your photos
28-08-2013, 15:01, eng news
Offer terms are simple: send us your photos with the flash mob on the bridge across the Golden Horn, and they will be included in a photo album that each author will receive a free shot. Moreover,...
In the province places rain. Wind north, north-west
30-08-2013, 11:01, eng news
In the province places rain. Wind north, north-western moderate. Air temperature +14 +22 ° C. In Vladivostok, partly cloudy, no precipitation. Wind north, northwest strong. Air temperature +16 +18...
Successful experience of working together trade union
19-09-2013, 17:21, eng news
The successful experience of joint work of trade union organization and the company's management gained in the Vladivostok city station to combat animal diseases, it is necessary to compile and...

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