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The rating of socio-economic status of regions

The rating of socio-economic status of regions The rating of socio-economic status of regions was calculated on the analysis of groups of indicators characterizing the economic, social and budgetary sphere. Each group of indicators includes a number of quantitative indicators for which data are available on the official Internet resource of Rosstat and the Ministry of Finance. Note in 2010 Primorye occupied 36th place in the top list on socio-economic development. In 2011 this indicator rose five points - the 31st position. By the end of 2012 the region is on the 30-th line of the rating. According to the Professor, Department of business Informatics and mathematical methods in Economics, University of Alexander Abramov, General dynamics of economic development of the Primorsky territory today is positive. «The structure of the economy as a relative, and the derivative is also changing in the modern trend - it diversified. That is a notable contribution to the GRP edge give her 15 sectors, in contrast, for example, oil and gas-producing regions, where noticeable contribution only 2-3 sectors. When this becomes a significant contribution in the structure of manufacturing, modern agriculture. Growing volumes of transport and public services. Begin to justify the infrastructural investments, which were made during 2009-2012. This is, first of all, investments in construction of objects for the APEC summit, large private investments», - added Alexander Abramov. As noted by experts of Department of economy of the Primorsky territory, economic growth dynamics in the region in 201215 times exceeded the average Russian indicators. Investment attractiveness of the region confirms the fact that in 2012 compared with the previous year, the volume of foreign investments in the economy of the region increased in five times. In the first quarter of 2013 the economy of the region continued to develop actively. Dynamics of growth exceeded the average Russian level. Marked growth of industrial production. The highest rate was in the sector of manufacturing industries 110 percent. Volumes of production of electric, electronic and optical equipment in Primorye, compared to March 2012 increased by more than 180 percent. In the first quarter, due to growth in the number of cars produced by the plant «Sollers-far East», has been growth in the production of vehicles with more than 120 per cent to the level of January-March 2012. Foreign economic activity is also traditional for Primorye. Among our partners - 88 countries, the largest of them is invariably the PRC, Republic of Korea and Japan.

Press service of the Governor of the Primorsky territory

Опубликовано:   20-06-2013, 13:17      |      Категория:  eng news

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