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18 June, the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev met

18 June, the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev met 18 June, the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, met with the participants of the project «people's expertise. On the summer terrace of the cinema «Ocean» in the Sunny day there was an unprecedented revival. Young guys dressed in white and blue t-shirts with emblem of «national expertise», noisy discussed the task that stands before them in the coming weeks. Interview-third of the residents of Vladivostok and the find out what projects on the development of regional capital they want to implement the citizens in the first place, is no easy task. Cheer interviewers, and speak to them words of encouragement in the «Ocean» was visited by the head of the city. «The Governor of the region asked me to make Vladivostok «national examination» urban projects, and I am responsible for it. Do you have an important job, following which a decision will be taken - what projects on the development of our city will be implemented. For you personally it's also a great experience of communication with people, ability to convey information and receive feedback. Sure, the work in such a large and significant project will add a big plus in your Luggage of knowledge and experience», - he addressed to the guys Igor Pushkarev. Volunteers, in turn, asked the head of the city many questions about the «people's expertise, put on the discussion of the projects, as well as personal priorities of the mayor. «Projects do not appear from nowhere. For example, ring road along the Amur Bay has been stated in the master plan of the city back in the 70s: the main axis of the route, the designated exits and junctions date back then. Was not a detailed project. And we are currently working. Same with Park Landmine town. In Soviet times it was one of the most favorite and popular places of rest of the townspeople. But, unfortunately, in the recent past, the city had lost it. Four years we were judged to return the Park to the city. Succeeded. And now the revival of the family Park in Mine town - what people want, and what we will do," said head of Vladivostok. He also added that during the passage of instruction, each will receive detailed information about the projects, which are included in the questionnaire to a popular vote, so the boys can detail tell about the residents. «As for my personal priorities, continued Igor Pushkarev, first of all, I would like to implement a project of construction of a bypass road along the Amur Bay. Another old idea - to build a bridge on a Sandy Peninsula, which will increase the capacity of the Vladivostok port and, as a result, will give impetus to the economic development of the city».

Опубликовано:   19-06-2013, 13:30      |      Категория:  eng news

In Primorye, found the body of a drug dealer
5-08-2013, 15:15, eng news
In the police department in transport Dalnerechensk August 2 it was reported that the segment of the railway Prohaska - Pear station on the slope found dead of unknown men. Operatives, who arrived...
On March 30 in Vladivostok begins the movement of buses on routes dacha
22-03-2013, 10:30, eng news
Starting next Saturday, March 30 in Vladivostok begins the movement of buses on routes dacha. Route number 105/1 "Square Semenovskaya-10-km": March 30 and 31 sent from pl. Semyonov: at...
Children's Playground, established according to the program
20-06-2013, 18:00, eng news
Children's Playground, established according to the program of the administration of the city on the improvement of the adjoining areas, appeared in the yard number 35 on Russian streets. To every...
The Russian government will create a non-profit organization for the development of the Far East,
1-03-2013, 09:23, eng news
Development of the Far East in 2013-2015 will cost 100 billion rubles annually......
Recently the news came from across the ocean, that the infamous
16-07-2013, 09:48, eng news
Recently the news came from across the ocean, that the infamous list will be expanded - there will be new figures of the number of Russian officials, whom will not be permitted to visit the United...
Во Владивостоке обнаружено подпольное игорное заведение
22-06-2013, 22:00, eng news
Прокуратура в Приморье следит за тем, как соблюдается закон по организации и проведению азартных игр. Подпольный игорный клуб обнаружен во Владивостоке На минувшей неделе в Советском районе...
Afternoon rains are expected in Vladivostok
9-05-2013, 10:20, eng news
In the region, partly cloudy, light rain in some places on the coast of fog. Wind southwest moderate. Air temperature +8 +30 ° C......
Seaside self-taught artist is not afraid to take on the icon and copy the
3-04-2013, 14:00, eng news
Viktor Kalmykov a painter for 22 years, with art schools or colleges, he did not finish. (PHOTOS)......
April Fool's Day for Artyomovsk robbers ended flagrante delicto
3-04-2013, 12:20, eng news
A couple of robbers trade stands, was detained in the wake of......
A pedestrian was killed on the road in Primorye
16-08-2013, 17:31, eng news
This past Thursday, August 15 Artem was killed in a pedestrian accident. A pedestrian was killed on the road in Primorye Vladivostok - Nakhodka - Port East driver of «Nissan Karavan Elgrand» knocked...

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