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Mayor Igor Pushkarev invited the members of the Council

Mayor Igor Pushkarev invited the members of the Council Mayor Igor Pushkarev invited the members of the Council to consider, on behalf of the Governor of Primorsky region a number of development projects Vladivostok, selecting among them priority. In the future they will be presented to the citizens in the course of «national expertise». Igor Pushkarev explained that the projects for which the citizens will be served not less than one hundred thousand votes can be supported at the Federal level, and will receive special funding. The head of Vladivostok said that while no city in the Russian Federation has not exercised the right of such support, and Vladivostok have the opportunity to become the first. Among the most promising projects of Igor Пушкаревым were named the construction of the Vladivostok ring road, the creation of a municipal management company, the Park «Vladivostok - the city of military glory» on the Nazimov Peninsula, which became possible after the transfer of the municipality of land that previously belonged to the Ministry of defense, construction of fitness centers in each district of the city. During the discussion the members of the Council were expressed and other proposals, like the construction of the complex автопарковок, development of Vladivostok as the center of the nature and historical tourism. Chairman of the Committee on budget, taxes and Finance at the Vladivostok city Duma Vladimir Isakov proposed project to create Promenade health along the Amur Bay. Chairman of Committee on social policy and veterans Affairs Olga Vorozhbit considers it necessary to develop in Vladivostok cultural and entertainment institutions, to the city was something to attract visitors. In the discussion of the project took part MPs Olga Zabelina, Dmitry Easy, Konstantin Цыбулин. According to the Chairman of the Vladivostok city Duma Elena Novitskaya, in the past the primaries residents have already had the opportunity to Express their wishes in the framework of the project «people's expertise. These proposals have been considered by the party «United Russia», and the project was supported by the Governor of the Primorsky territory. Program once again submitted for discussion the residents of Vladivostok. Vladivostok develops, we are pleased to note the positive changes that have already become a reality. Each of the proposed projects are interesting and can serve the improvement of life in our city, but to decide what to implement in the first place, to the citizens», -.подчеркнула Elena Novitskaya. «Narodnaya expertise of projects will evaluate them thoroughly, then the most relevant will be included in the electoral programme of candidate to the post of the head of Vladivostok from the United Russia party.

The Duma of Vladivostok

Опубликовано:   17-06-2013, 11:15      |      Категория:  eng news

Four-year girl lived with her mother in a dilapidated house
15-07-2013, 18:02, eng news
In the Soviet area of Vladivostok was planned raid on disadvantaged families. Commission staff Juvenile visited 11 families. Four year old living with his mother in a dilapidated structure, they pay...
Athlete of Vladivostok, Honored Master of Sports
6-08-2013, 15:00, eng news
Athlete of Vladivostok, Honored Master of Sports of Russia Vitaly Obotin triumphantly concluded his speech at the XXII Summer Deaflympics, held in Sofia (Bulgaria) from 24 July to 4 August....
Today, August 24 the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev
24-08-2013, 16:46, eng news
Today, August 24 the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev took part in the inauguration of the monument to the miners of the mine "Podgorodnenka[br> "Employment in the village. After the mayor...
He said that night in the apartment entered the unknown,
16-07-2013, 22:18, eng news
He said that night in the apartment entered the unknown, stole appliances and jewelry. The damage caused to the applicant estimated 50000 rubles. According to the victim at the scene officers arrived...
South Korea suggests that North Korea in the coming days will blow a fourth nuclear warhead
8-04-2013, 16:40, eng news
Unification Minister countries Ryu Jae Kil told a parliamentary hearing on Monday that the North Korean nuclear test Pung-ri noted increased activity......
At the fair you can buy fresh vegetables and greens,
28-06-2013, 21:31, eng news
At the fair you can buy fresh vegetables and herbs, pickled products, honey and bee products, bakery and confectionery products, dairy, fish, meat products from producers from Vladivostok, Arseniev,...
Cossacks helped police catch the thieves and vagabonds in the Nadezhda district of Primorye
29-04-2013, 10:00, eng news
The most "suburban" district of Primorye was chosen by vagrants and outcasts that bring a lot of trouble respectable citizens......
Trade fair of Indian goods opened Friday
3-08-2013, 15:17, eng news
Trade fair of Indian goods opened Friday in the sports complex "Dynamo". The exhibition hall is not overcrowded, many residents and visitors came to see the products in the hot sun of India, as...
Bikers season 2013 opened today in Vladivostok
4-05-2013, 16:20, eng news
Participants motorcycle clubs and bikers single for a few hours have gathered in the center to see people and be seen. (PHOTOS)......
Beauty contest among the employees of Ministry of Emergency Situations held in Vladivostok
24-04-2013, 12:21, eng news
From 22 to 24 April in the capital of Primorye, a competition "Miss DVRTS Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations." Beauty contest of beauty among employees of MES It brings beauty, worked in the...

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