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The beginning of the summer vacation period not talking about

The beginning of the summer vacation period not talking about The beginning of the summer vacation period not talking about the end of the civil duties. In order that the holidays have passed, decent Russians should be sure that it has no debts. About your debts know the bailiffs, who are from different agencies come outstanding debts, unpaid traffic fines, alimony and much more. Generally, it is best not to wait when all the unpaid bills learn bailiffs - better hurry up with the payment. After notification, all debts should return, for each citizen under the law is 5 days. Otherwise, people in the form (that is, police officers have the right to knock the door, describe and seize the property or evacuate the car right from the yard of the house. How to tell themselves the officers of the court, the arrest of the car is the easiest way to get the debtor to say goodbye with coins. Since the beginning of this year in Primorsky Krai arrested 1334 car, of which only 37 cars were put up for auction. The rest of the «iron horses» were returned to the hosts, who found the means to pay off debts. From the moment of arrest of the property of everyone (even the naughty citizen has the right to appeal the decision of the police officer within 10 days. Except cars, police officers arrested property that is considered to be luxury expensive furniture and technology, jewelry. In case of absence of these debts will deduct from the wages or pensions. However, bailiffs, not touched by the alimony paid by a single mother-должнице ex-husband, because the money belongs officially to the child. Even bailiffs moved only shelter, sleeping place and bedding. «We do not take away, we on the contrary, return. Money. The state», - explains the chief bailiff of the Primorsky territory Sergey Перезва. In addition, sanctions are not afraid of the debtors and their share is growing in our society, for example, compared to the year 2011 the number of debtors in the region increased to 1 million 160 thousand people, and this is a 180 thousand people more than before. 56 people from this number were stopped by border guards on the border - they were denied exit from the country. By the way, to be in this situation it is enough to have the indebtedness of any nature in the amount of 10000 roubles. Therefore, the bailiffs are advised to: 2-3 weeks before your planned departure to pay all fines and taxes, or to ensure that debts no, then with a clear conscience, you can go. Sergey Перезва, as head of UFSSP in Primorsky Krai, believes that «forget» about 20 of fines issued to the inspector of traffic police for the year, it is impossible to forget and argues that legal nihilism is one of the main reasons why the work of bailiffs are becoming more and more. But there is another important reason for growing number of debtors, low personnel potential of bailiffs. A paltry wages provokes employee turnover. Now, as Syarhei Перезва, 99% bailiffs young girls. They are psychologically not prepared for this work. «To be a real police officer, to be literate bitch», - concluded the conversation with journalists the main seaside bailiff. Check your memory available on the website of the Federal bailiff service: http://www.fssprus.ru it suffices to find your name in the data Bank of Executive proceedings, print a receipt from the site and pay for it in the nearest terminal.

Christina Oleinik, RIA "VladNews"

Опубликовано:   14-06-2013, 16:46      |      Категория:  eng news

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