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In the Vladivostok customs office organized reception of documents

In the Vladivostok customs office organized reception of documents In the Vladivostok customs office organized a reception of documents for the issuance of targeted recommendations for admission on the day departments of the different departments of the Vladivostok branch of the Russian customs Academy (EOF MOUTH). Already received more than 50 applications for the issuance of recommendations. As reported by the correspondent of RIA «VladNews» the press-Secretary of the Vladivostok customs Victoria Shamaeva, work is now underway to study the documents submitted to the graduates. Preliminary analysis shows that receiving the target recommendations claim guys with high scores on General subjects. Among them, for example, five of honors, as many guys with a score of 4.9; three - 4.8 and four - 47. Meeting of the selection Board, which will have an interview with boys and girls, coming in at full-time Department of the faculty of customs affair and juridical and economic departments, will be held on 13 June 2013. Those who will receive cherished recommendation and successfully pass the EOF MOUTH competition on the chosen specialty, after graduation guaranteed a job distribution to the Vladivostok customs. During the study future customs officers will visit the practice in one of the customs of the far East region. So, this summer, in July-August to familiarize with the work of different departments of the Vladivostok customs about 60 students of 3-4 courses from different faculties EOF MOUTH. During this time, boys and girls will experience in practice strength of acquired knowledge and render the feasible help my future colleagues.

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Primorye were awarded the President of Russia
4-07-2013, 19:46, eng news
Two residents of Primorye, among others, the Russians received the highest award from the President of Russia. Primorye won awards ceremony of the President, which honored businessmen, athletes,...
CSKA ahead of Russia became the champion in football
19-05-2013, 12:20, eng news
For the red and blue this title was the eleventh in the history of football......
Vladivostok sailors in poverty in the Chinese port. Vouchers to the
28-05-2013, 01:20, eng news
Information service of Radio "Lemma" - News in the full range!......
So, today, June 28 evening Vladivostok promises
28-06-2013, 16:46, eng news
So, today, June 28 evening in Vladivostok will be really «Fatal». At 18 hours on the Sports promenade begins «Rock Fest» on stage «Vladivostok hospitable» to reach young rock bands of the city, there...
Petrograders Muscovites bought shares seaside
6-03-2013, 05:07, eng news
JSC "Armalit-1" makes ship fittings, supplying it, including the Petersburg shipyards......
Prosecutors Primorye one of the causes of death of the fish on the banks of the Amur Bay - clogging coastal waters
15-07-2013, 23:31, eng news
Draining sewage is still ongoing, and the corpse of a seal is still lying on the beach. In the Monday, July 15 the prosecution called Primorye fish causes plague, which occurred in June on the banks...
A police officer is suspected of rape first-graders from Nakhodka
5-04-2013, 06:50, eng news
If confirmed, against the officer fired a number of leaders of Russia OMVD to the guerrilla zone......
By 2015 the Primorye build Russia's largest coal terminal
24-04-2013, 19:10, eng news
Modern coal terminal will be built in the Bay Area Sukhodil Shkotovsky. The total investment in the project will amount to 18 billion rubles......
Disregard for the fate of the teenager from Dalnegorsk
19-06-2013, 13:32, eng news
Disregard for the fate of the teenager from Dalnegorsk district by all his family and friends led him to the dock. Investigators of the police Department №5 Moi Russia, Vladivostok, a criminal case...
Carousel, a large children's Playground complex, swing,
4-06-2013, 13:12, eng news
Carousel, a large children's Playground complex, swing, sand yard and sports equipment will appear in the yard number 35 on Russian streets next week. Contracting organization started assembling a...

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