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In the city of Ussuriysk employees of the private security

In the city of Ussuriysk employees of the private security In the city of Ussuriysk employees of the private security detained two men suspected in the illegal misappropriation of the vehicle. On the given fact criminal case according to article 166 of the criminal code. The duty of the OMVD Russia, Уссурийску received a 57-year-old local resident. The man said about theft from the house along the street Saperny Travel owned car Subaru Domingo». Orientation is immediately transmitted to all the posts and the finery of the police, who serve on the streets. The crew of the group of detention of private security, having received orientation, proceeded in the region of the proposed location of a stolen car. In the street Krasin police saw a car that is suitable to the description of the hijacked vehicle. Machine when driving periodically went into the oncoming lane. Approaching her on the patrol car, the police have included flashing beacons. The reaction was immediate - the driver of the car has increased the speed and tried to get away from persecution. As a result of car drove into a dead end. Reverse his path was blocked by a patrol vehicle of non-departmental protection. In the cabin of the driver was not one next to him sat his comrade. Both men were in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Documents on the machine and the rights to management of a vehicle of them. For further proceedings, the driver and passenger of the car were taken to the police Department. There is a 35 year old автоугонщик told police that распивал alcoholic drinks in the company of the owner of the car and their mutual friend. Waiting until the owner cars fell asleep, he took the keys, turned off the lights and went with a friend. An attacker fully admitted his guilt. In addition, the police found that the man has been previously convicted for robbery and автоугон. Against detainees preventive measure in the form of restriction. Criminal case is raised.

Nina Мамрак, Press Secretary of the Federal state institution SVR Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for the Primorsky Krai

Опубликовано:   12-06-2013, 17:15      |      Категория:  eng news

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