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Yesterday in the city of Partizansk about 6 p.m. faced

Yesterday in the city of Partizansk about 6 p.m. faced Yesterday in the city of Partizansk about 6 p.m. faced three vehicles. As the press-service of management of traffic police of Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for the Primorsky Krai, the driver of a Toyota car Хариер not take into account the speed and has made collision with двигавшимся in the same direction Nissan Terrano, which from a blow left on a strip of counter movement where, in turn, hit the van Дайхатсу Delta, then Nissan overturned in a ditch. In the triple accident injuries were 5 people: the driver of a Toyota Хариер (driver license), the driver Дайхатсу Delta, as well as the driver and two passengers Nissan Terrano, amongst which was a month-old child. Hospitalization is needed to three participants of the accident, including a child, who at the time of the accident was in his father's arms.

Опубликовано:   11-06-2013, 17:30      |      Категория:  eng news

Last night members of the MES Khabarovsk
9-09-2013, 07:52, eng news
Yesterday evening the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Khabarovsk Krai were evacuated from the village of Mendeleev (he is a member of Komsomolsk-on-Amur), 482 people, including 144 children. The...
Maritime traffic police estimated the victims of last year's May Day
30-04-2013, 12:00, eng news
88% of accidents were the fault of motorists - speeding, violation of the rules of passing a pedestrian crossing, exit into oncoming traffic, transportation management in a state of intoxication....
In Vladivostok, the man behind the seduction of an underage girl will go on trial
13-09-2013, 15:30, eng news
The investigating authorities of the TFR in the Primorsky Krai on materials FSB Russia opened a criminal case against a man born in 1962. He is accused of having intimate relations with an underage...
Pay a fine of traffic police through
22-04-2013, 13:10, eng news
Their debts driver can learn through Sberbank Online - that is enough for the certificate number of the vehicle registration and driver's license numbers......
In the situation with the payment of the debt of the debtor chief intervened
11-06-2013, 17:15, eng news
A resident of Ussuriysk by divorce and division of property was required to pay the former wife of 320000 rubles. A man with such an impressive amount categorically did not want to leave, and welcome...
As reported in the оргкогмитете Championship event
28-06-2013, 21:32, eng news
As reported in the оргкогмитете Championship event will be bright and memorable event in the life of the city. The championship is expected the participation of sportsmen from 50 countries. Race 1000...
Vladimir Miklushevsky visit the cyclone-affected areas of
2-08-2013, 15:30, eng news
Primorsky Territory Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky today, August 2 is scheduled to visit Terneisky, Kavalerovsky and Dalnegorsky areas. The governor will visit the cyclone-affected areas of head of...
Trendy romance of IOWA perform in Vladivostok on the last Thursday of spring
23-05-2013, 14:20, eng news
In the spring of last Thursday, May 30 at the scene Mummy Troll Music Bar will play a concert IOWA (St. Petersburg)......
25-03-2013, 08:56, eng news
Today, students planned joint military exercises in Russia and South Africa on board the sailboat. Russian training ship arrived in Durban to participate in the summit of the BRICS......
Lyudmila Talabaeva:
10-04-2013, 12:50, eng news
Secretary of the Maritime branch of "United Russia" described how the party will choose a candidate for the post of Vladivostok......

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