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Yesterday in the city of Partizansk about 6 p.m. faced

Yesterday in the city of Partizansk about 6 p.m. faced Yesterday in the city of Partizansk about 6 p.m. faced three vehicles. As the press-service of management of traffic police of Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for the Primorsky Krai, the driver of a Toyota car Хариер not take into account the speed and has made collision with двигавшимся in the same direction Nissan Terrano, which from a blow left on a strip of counter movement where, in turn, hit the van Дайхатсу Delta, then Nissan overturned in a ditch. In the triple accident injuries were 5 people: the driver of a Toyota Хариер (driver license), the driver Дайхатсу Delta, as well as the driver and two passengers Nissan Terrano, amongst which was a month-old child. Hospitalization is needed to three participants of the accident, including a child, who at the time of the accident was in his father's arms.

Опубликовано:   11-06-2013, 17:30      |      Категория:  eng news

The goal of the competition is to analyze the ten-year
18-06-2013, 18:47, eng news
The goal of the competition is to analyze a decade of experience of representative power, accumulate the best experience and develop advanced benchmarks for development of local self-government in...
Infrastructure constraints
19-07-2013, 19:30, eng news
The main task of Russian Railways in the coming years - to remove these infrastructure constraints......
The Organizing Committee of
31-07-2013, 13:45, eng news
The Organizing Committee of "Narodnaya expertise" published the results of a citywide survey. According to the study, an initiative of the regional head for the adoption of the draft law "On Land"...
6-08-2013, 15:02, eng news
"This service is especially useful in cases where there is no receipt for the bar code and details have to enter manually, - said Natalia Panteleeva, director of" The Bank XXI »Far Eastern Bank OJSC"...
Undermining the building of the migration service stopped in Primorye
25-06-2013, 22:15, eng news
In Primorye, the sentenced persons preparing terrorist act......
In the duty of Vladivostok linear control
16-07-2013, 16:04, eng news
In the duty of the linear control Vladivostok Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs on transport was reported intention villager Gorodechnoe Primorye lay an explosive device on a railway track near...
Maritime labor veterans will receive 900 rubles monthly
26-03-2013, 13:40, eng news
A new measure sotspooderzhki governor announced at today's "big meeting."......
In Primorye gas poisoned 14-year-old boy
27-03-2013, 08:00, eng news
In the village of bayonet, near the forest was found the body of 14-year-old boy. After examining the scene, police found two cans of domestic gas and package. Teenager in Primorye poisoned cooking...
Land for construction of fish market in Vladivostok will be allocated shortly
13-06-2013, 12:01, eng news
Primorsky Territory Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky ordered as soon as possible to allocate land for the construction of the fish market in the capital of Primorye. In Vladivostok, the plot is defined...
According to the dispatcher on duty Uniform Services Administration
24-07-2013, 22:02, eng news
According to the United duty dispatcher service of the Vladivostok Administration, currently there are flooding in several low-lying areas of the city. This has caused the suspension of the trams at...

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