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Watch out! Children on the road!

With the onset of summer vacation in reports of traffic accidents are increasing reports that children have suffered on the roads. Many of them go on the road bike and mokiki not having enough experience. And, often, a rapid response car helps the driver avoid accidents on the road

Watch out! Children on the road!

Attention! The roads are a lot of children!

In the seaside town of Fokino 7-year-old cyclist was unable to stop in time before heading in the same direction and the car crashed into it. A child with severe head injuries was rushed to intensive care.

In Arsenyev 8-year-old boy was run over mokiki near the store. Moped driver fled from the scene of the accident, now police are looking for him. In this situation, the less cost - a child suffered minor injuries.

In Shkotovsky area, in the village of Smolyaninovo 25-year-old drunk man on a moped shot down five year old boy.
With injuries of the head and foot child sent to outpatient treatment

For transportation management while intoxicated and undocumented driver culprit placed in temporary detention for 7 days.

Watch out! Children on the road!

Опубликовано:   11-06-2013, 17:16      |      Категория:  eng news

After the May holidays in Primorye regional prosecutor replaced
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The intrigue with a new prosecutor Primorye ran for several months. The fact that Yury Khokhlov goes on increasing in the Prosecutor General's Office, has been known for a long time......
В Приморье работает приют для бездомных людей
22-06-2013, 22:00, eng news
Вот уже полтора года в приморском селе Романовка работает приют для людей без определенного места жительства. Центр для божей работает в Приморском крае. За это время здесь побывало около 60...
Hipsters take to the streets of Vladivostok
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The "Dudes - our Soviet retro" will be out of shape a photo shoot, but with elements of theatrical presentation......
The hosts, athletes
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In the coming weekend will finish the race in Vladivostok
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This Friday rally participants will arrive in Vladivostok, and the next day, March 9 will be the final competition where the winner will be revealed "Expedition-Trophy 2013"......
In East Port immersed nine millionth ton of coal.
5-07-2013, 12:45, eng news
This week, a stevedoring company of "East Port" was sunk nine millionth ton of coal from the beginning of the year. East port handled nine millionth ton of coal Two complexes that are part of the...
July 16-17 in Vladivostok on the Pacific water station
15-07-2013, 14:45, eng news
July 16-17 in Vladivostok on the Pacific Fleet water station will take regional water-motor competition among state inspectors on small vessels of the Far Eastern regional center of the Russian...
At night, Aug. 21 in the district of Primorye Kavalerovskii,
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At night, Aug. 21 in the district of Primorye Kavalerovskii on the highway "Osinovka - Ore Dock" driver of the car «Toyota Carina», operating a vehicle while intoxicated, lost control and flew off...
Will be presented with awards to employees who distinguished themselves in
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Will be presented with awards to employees who distinguished themselves in ensuring law and order and public safety. In the work of the board attended the Governor of Primorsky Territory Vladimir...
In the attic of the house found the dried plant opium
26-07-2013, 13:47, eng news
In the attic of the house found the dried plant opium poppy and cannabis manchzhurskoy. Police officers found that the owner of the narcotic raw material is previously convicted of similar offenses...

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