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Vladimir Miklushevsky presented state awards Primorye

June 11th Governor of Maritime Vladimir Miklushevsky solemnly presented state awards Primorye.

Vladimir Miklushevsky presented state awards Primorye

Primorye received awards to

20 primortsev received by the head of the region's identity "Labour Veteran of Primorsky Krai." The solemn meeting devoted to the Day of Russia, was held in the theater named after Gorky. Vladimir Miklushevsky congratulated all those present on the occasion.

Nominations, by tradition, has defined boundary Veterans Council. Workers received the title of medicine, industry, construction, culture and education - the press service of the Governor of the Primorsky Territory.

Vladimir Miklushevsky presented state awards Primorye

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The head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev set the task to start the repair adjoining areas from April 15
29-03-2013, 12:00, eng news
Overhaul of the roadway will be conducted by 37 yard area, and 30 of them a baby and sports fields. (Address)......
Internet bank Sberbank for the first time in the history of the tax paid in the cosmos
17-05-2013, 10:20, eng news
With the help of "Sberbank Online" Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov pay land tax, while aboard the International Space Station......
In honor of the holiday in Vladivostok held a memorial
2-08-2013, 20:00, eng news
In honor of the holiday in Vladivostok held a memorial rally and a concert. In the morning at the Youth House could meet a lot of blue berets. At 11:00 there began a memorable meeting. Marines...
Last defendant in the murder of a candidate for mayor of Dalnegorsk stand trial
7-05-2013, 14:30, eng news
Investigators in the Primorye Territory has completed work on the criminal case against Alexander outside. He is charged with murder, illegal transportation of arms and ammunition and forgery. The...
Russian Power
23-03-2013, 05:57, eng news
Heads of major energy producers Russia held several meetings in Japan, actively offering the supply of liquefied natural gas......
Igor Pushkarev was the first candidate for the nomination for mayor of the
17-04-2013, 15:00, eng news
Intra-party candidate selection procedure will be supervised by volunteers, which eliminates the possibility of falsification and manipulation of election results......
Ussuriytsy complain about the cemeteries have right under the windows of the houses
23-04-2013, 19:30, eng news
Administration of Ussuriysk obliged to draft a sanitary protection zone of the city cemetery......
Japanese Choir
11-09-2013, 22:01, eng news
In the Sunday, Sept. 15 in Vladivostok only concert choir will perform honored Japanese "Sirakaba" (translated into Russian language - "Birch"). This choir, which includes up to sixty performers,...
After the second day of the primaries,
18-05-2013, 10:20, eng news
Sharply nasty weather could not prevent the party "United Russia" to hold a second day of voting on a single candidate for the post of head of administration of Vladivostok......
Yakut, scientists have found a unique preserved mammoth carcass
26-05-2013, 21:20, eng news
Condition of the tissues of fossil animal is almost ideal, skeletal only the upper torso, head and left rear leg. The scientists examined the teeth, established the age of the female mammoth - about...

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