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Unwillingness to pay for public utilities led some

Unwillingness to pay for public utilities led some Unwillingness to pay for utilities leads some people to the fact that they are deprived of the objects of the usual items, without which life becomes a bit uncomfortable. On another showcase case the correspondent of RIA «VladNews» was told in the press service of UFSSP in Primorsky Krai. Resident Spassky district did not pay for heating their apartments. All winter enjoyed the benefits of civilization, and then simply not pay. Duty of a citizen in front of «Примтеплоэнерго» amounted to 11 thousand rubles. All notices about the call to the reception to the bailiff consumer free heat ignored. Output was not long in coming: not waiting for citizen N., the bailiff decided to visit the debtor's place of residence. Together with the representative of «Примтеплоэнерго», he visited the citizen and put an arrest on the plasma TV brand «Samsung». Ten days «speaker box» waiting for his master, but he was not considered necessary to pay the debt. After expiration of the plasma was transferred to implementation. Of course, every man is a Creator of your destiny. But isn't it easier to pay for heat voluntarily, rather than be deprived of expensive things in front of the neighbors?

Ivan Harsh, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   11-06-2013, 12:46      |      Категория:  eng news

Drunk with Gopnik costly resident of Vladivostok
14-05-2013, 09:20, eng news
Orientation with signs suspects were transferred to an outside police units. Employees patrol arrested three residents of Primorye at the age of 2324 and 30 years......
Five artemovtsev received gold medals
28-06-2013, 16:31, eng news
Five artemovtsev received gold medals "For outstanding achievements in teaching" from the hands of the Governor of the Primorsky Territory, Vladimir Miklushevsky. Artemovtsy received gold medals...
Several tourists from Vladivostok suffered in a road accident in Thailand
12-08-2013, 16:16, eng news
Several tourists from Vladivostok suffered in a tour bus accident while relaxing on the famous Thai resort town of Pattaya, they are under the supervision of doctors. The bus, carrying 30 people...
The names of the winners of the annual competition for
23-07-2013, 16:04, eng news
The names of the winners of the annual competition for a monetary incentive for teachers. Thousands of teachers, according to tradition, will receive the Teacher's Day 200 thousand rubles from the...
18 June, the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev met
19-06-2013, 13:30, eng news
18 June, the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, met with the participants of the project «people's expertise. On the summer terrace of the cinema «Ocean» in the Sunny day there was an unprecedented...
The accident occurred last night on the 100 km of Komsomolsk-on-Amur
25-07-2013, 15:17, eng news
The accident occurred last night on the 100 km of Komsomolsk-on-Amur - Khabarovsk, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Regional Ministry for Emergencies. According to authorities, public...
Number of cases of bird flu in China increased to 129
7-05-2013, 18:20, eng news
Able to cure 42 people, 31 - died, results publication excerpts from the report of the State Board of Health and the planned birth......
A police officer is suspected of rape first-graders from Nakhodka
5-04-2013, 06:50, eng news
If confirmed, against the officer fired a number of leaders of Russia OMVD to the guerrilla zone......
Disability Rights in Primorye defended prosecutors
12-04-2013, 12:10, eng news
Lesozavodsk prosecutors in Primorye has reviewed, the results of which revealed that in the area do not respect the law in terms of ensuring free access of wheelchair users to social infrastructure....
Hazardous seeds found at the airport Primorye
29-05-2013, 15:31, eng news
Citizen of Vietnam, who arrived by air from Japan, tried to smuggle in Primorye mung bean seeds infected with dangerous plant pests. The seeds of dangerous pests detained at the airport in Primorye...

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