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Branch of «Primorye heat networks» JSC «Dalnevostochnaya

Branch of «Primorye heat networks» JSC «Dalnevostochnaya Branch of «Primorye heat networks» JSC «far Eastern generating company» notifies its subscribers that in connection with the production of repair work on a site of heating mains with 10 hours of June 10 to 18 hours on June 11 will be off the hot water supply of consumers of Vladivostok, located at the following addresses: • Avramenko, 8917 • Bestuzhev, 51315 15A, 192021 222328 29 • Verkhneportovaya street, 9 9a, 2027A, 303238 40A, 444650 64A, 667072/176 • Zakharova, 5 • Kazan, 157 • Крыгина, 136 151717A, 283034 Leonova, 202121A, 3364 Morozova, 578 9 • Нижнепортовая, 4 • posyetskaya, 3A, 51113 • perekopsky pereulok, 357 • Pestel, 5 • Samara, 10A • Saratov, 678 91113 • Sipyagina, 152226 283031 323334 • Станюковича, 2828a, 31A, 393748 495254b, 545657a, 57/264 • Strelnikova, 3 3A, 3b, 468 910A, 12 • Chernyshevsky, 15 • Yalta, 18 «Seaside heat networks» bring apologies to its subscribers for forced inconvenience and ask for understanding of the situation. Energy is dedicated to the absence of the water in the homes of the citizens was minimal.

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24-08-2013, 16:30, eng news
Players of "Ray-Energy" on a positive note, completed their three-week tour visiting. In the match of the 10th round of Championship First Division wards Alexander Grigoryan beat in the local Spartak...
Arrived in Vladivostok largest cruise ship
10-09-2013, 22:41, eng news
Arrived in Vladivostok largest cruise ship" Asuka II ". It follows from Japan to cruise to Southeast Asia with a stop in Vladivostok. Arrived on the Japanese vessel 409 passengers and 700 crew...
Seniors who live in the northern regions of Primorye may receive compensation for vacation trip
9-07-2013, 22:46, eng news
More than 600 pensioners - inhabitants of northern Primorye has received the payment for the ride to the resort and back. Pensioners can receive compensation for vacation on compensation seniors can...
Mopedista Vladivostok beaten and fired for careless overtaking
27-05-2013, 13:20, eng news
A man got out of the car and hit a 20-year-old Paul. When the victim again sat on a moped, I got shot in the back of the "traumatic", with a fall nearly run over by a passing bus wheels......
The debtor child support arrested
28-03-2013, 09:11, eng news
car. Many child support debtors motivate evading payment of debts lack of livelihood. Coming to the bailiff on the machine, they go back to public transport. In child support debtors can pick up the...
The doctor said that having arrived on a call, confirmed his death
7-08-2013, 13:00, eng news
The doctor said that having arrived on a call, stated the death of the girl born in 2011. It is established that the deceased and his mother came to visit her grandmother, who lives in the village of...
Dalai Lama accused of financing the self-immolation of Tibetans
9-03-2013, 04:09, eng news
Chinese authorities have accused the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama that he financed campaign of self-immolation of Tibetans......
Lessons of ecology and behavior culture are held in the municipal libraries of Vladivostok
4-04-2013, 03:20, eng news
Organizers - MBUK "Vladivostok Central Library System," and the Department of Culture of the city administration - are invited to visit the event everyone......
To build a coal transshipment complex is to be
27-06-2013, 21:16, eng news
To build a coal transshipping complex is planned on the territory of previously owned Slavic Shiprepair plant. The terminal has an area of 290 thousand square meters. At the first stage coal...
In Vladivostok, the final stage of the race
9-03-2013, 09:00, eng news
Participants had to make their way through the storm and steep hill on TV......

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