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You can imagine the concert of «heavy»

You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» rock band by candle light and acoustic guitars? Can? So I can't. But it almost happened June 8 in the theatrical-concert complex «Underground», where she performed the group «Mavrin». The group with the full right to be counted among the living legends Russian music playing in the style of heavy metal. Rightfully this concert can be called special for several reasons. The first reason: a tour of Sergey Mavrin are confined to three anniversaries of his 50th anniversary, the 15th anniversary of his group and the 10th anniversary album «interceptor». The second reason: every visit of Sergey Mavrin in Vladivostok ends up as something extreme. In the first visit, in 2003 when he came together with Valery Kipelov, he was almost killed: capsized the boat that the musicians decided to ride on the sea. Sergey rescued by one of the residents of the city, with which they were friends until now. This same concert was marked by a fire in the area, a concert venue and mass blackouts. Press conference held by the light of a lantern. Correspondent of RIA «VladNews» could not help but question, do not consider whether the musicians that their group «jinxed». In fact, throughout the long period of its existence the group there were essential changes in the composition, repeatedly changed musicians, among which were the singers, which are considered to be the «face» of the group. Sergey in response to this question shook his head and said that does not believe in superstitions neither he nor the musicians. Moreover, the current structure is strong enough, and there is no proof that someone was leaving the team. - How you think, what caused such a change in the composition? - All the musicians are different, everyone has his own reasons to leave. Someone has family problems, someone just more delicate, Yes? (and here he looked mysteriously guitarist Yuri Alekseev - Lyrics you write mostly women: Margarita Pushkina, Julie Kay, Anna Balashova. Do you think that women have a better sense of what You want to say to the audience? - Margarita Pushkina is originally poetess group «Aria», so we're not working a long time ago. As with Anna Balashova we came to a mutual understanding when I searched for the man who will write texts. I know new people helped work on radio. - Sergey, do You now any master classes on Your unique guitar technique, and when we see the promised видеошколу? (Sergey Mavrin is known for its unusual look at the technique of playing the guitar, called the fans «маврингом». The main feature - palms are directed to himself, Sergei right hand uses for the picking, and left - to mute strings). - From video school I refused. Because through Youtube channel now it is spreading fast, and point to let commercial purpose not. I do some small spots that can be used in training, and run them into the network itself. With regard to the master classes will not spend. I don't like this name, too blows school. I will arrange meetings with interested. This two-hour format tool concert with breaks for communication. Despite the absence of light, musicians reported that the concert will take place in any case, albeit in an unusual for a group format - acoustics by candlelight. Such experience for all history of existence the group has not yet happened. Organizers quickly found a candle and acoustic guitars, the group prepared and in that moment returned electricity! Then it was decided quickly jump on the normal format of the concert, and about 2200 happy fans can sing along with the songs of the group. At the concert, from beginning to end, was executed cult album «interceptor», and, of course, all hits written for 15 years of existence of the group. Many of the songs hall sang together. The audience was most diverse. Contrary to expectations, it's a lot of young people. In the hall was seen even drummer Amatory, which is rumored arrived play a dj set in one of the clubs of the city. You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy» You can imagine the concert of «heavy»

Natalia Lotus, especially for RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 16:47      |      Категория:  eng news

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