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Primorye interregional environmental Prosecutor's office

Primorye interregional environmental Prosecutor's office Seaside Interdistrict environmental Prosecutor of checking the activities of the forestry Department of Primorsky Krai in the course of which it is established that the protection of forests (including the implementation of measures of fire safety and suppression of forest fires) in the part of security forces and means of fire fighting organized by the Department is not in full. As reported by the correspondent of RIA «VladNews» senior assistant Prosecutor of Primorsky Krai Elena Telegina, during public Prosecutor's check had revealed the discrepancy distributed forces and means of fire extinguishing summary plan for suppression of forest fires Primorsky Krai for 2013 on Арсеньевскому, Pozharsky and other branches of the state enterprise of Primorsky Krai «Primorsk forestry Association». In addition, the lease area measures for fire protection systems in forests, scheduled tenants do not correspond to the class of fire danger. For example, in accordance with the forest management regulation Тернейского forestry Агзинское precinct forestry has a middle class of fire danger. Meanwhile, the absence of the necessary landing sites for funds aviation, used for aerial work of forest protection, the absence of a forest user (JSC «Terneyles») other necessary measures for fire protection systems in forests at the named precinct forestry do not provide appropriate extinguishing forest fires. This led to a prolonged непринятию adequate measures extinguishing with minor forest fire 3 June 2013 quarter of 44 Агзинского divisional forestry. So, was not applied the required fire equipment, firefighting is conducted by two paratroopers using hand tools. Improper organization of лесоавиационных works promoted wide spread forest fire and transferring it to discharge large. Identified violations served as a basis for taking measures of Prosecutor's response. 7 June 2013 Interdistrict environmental Prosecutor made a representation to the acting Director of the Department of forest eliminate violations of the law on the protection of forests from fires. The Governor of Primorsky territory is aimed information about improper execution by the forestry Department and its subordinate territorial institutions of the requirements of legislation on prevention and liquidation of forest fires.

Ivan Harsh, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 16:47      |      Категория:  eng news

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