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Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for the Primorsky Krai strongly

Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for the Primorsky Krai strongly Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for the Primorsky Krai strongly recommends that you heed the following advice: 1. Walking in the wood, use a special противоэнцефалитные suits to protect against tick bites; 2. If there is a special service, you should dress in a way that was easy to carry out a quick search for the detection of blades of clothing mites. Better to wear light, a monophonic - it is easier to notice bottoms; 3. As a rule, taiga and forest ticks crawl against the plants at the level of the shins, knees, and hips and always cling to clothes up, so the pants you need to fill in boots, stockings or socks with a thick rubber band, and the upper part of the dress - pants. Cuffs of the sleeves must fit tightly to the arm, and the collar of the shirt and trousers should not have clasps or be a tight clasp, under which cannot crawl mite, Head needs to protect the hood, if it is not - should wear a scarf or hat, tucking there hair; 4. Effective measure of protection is processing service special инсектоакарицидными and акарорепеллентньми means of Ixodes bottoms; 5. Being in the woods, do not sit or lie down on the grass; 6. Should have regular check-UPS to detect bottoms. Superficial examination conducted every 10-15 minutes. After returning from the forest, you must immediately remove clothing and carefully examine it, and the whole body; 7. Parking and spending the night in the forest's better to have it in dry pine forests on sandy soils or areas deprived of grass vegetation. Before staying overnight should conduct inspection service, and also check присосавшихся ticks on the body or scalp; 8. You should not make accommodations recently plucked plants, as well as outer clothing and other items that may be mites; 9. If there is a Pets - cats or dogs, they must be in the period of activity of ticks process means against ectoparasites in the form of drops spot-on, means the беспропеллентной aerosol packing. Animals should be inspected regularly and, if necessary, to remove ticks. For protection from Ixodes ticks, observe the following preventive measures: If the attached myself mite: Finding the mite itself, do not try to force to tear him away. The mite is captured well in the skin with the help of their jaw apparatus, and you can tear off the tick's body, leaving the «head», which will cause a strong inflammatory response. Treat the place of introduction tick ethyl alcohol or Cologne. Make a loop of thread. Gently place the loop between the «head» and the body of the tick, tighten. Pull the thread, simultaneously twisting her. Gradually, without sudden movements remove the tick. Treat the bite solution of iodine. When you remove the tick alive: tick place in a small glass bottle with a tight lid and put a damp gauze. Close the bottle cap and store it in the freezer. For microscopic diagnostics of tick must be delivered to the laboratory living within 2 days from the moment of removal. Citizens traveling to areas of greatest activity mites, as well as living on them, it is recommended flu vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis. Remember that vaccinations against tick-borne encephalitis should start 2.5 months prior to departure in the troubled territory. The vaccination consists of several injections, depending on the administered drug, the minimum interval between them - 2 months. After the last injection must be at least 14 days before departure of the hearth. During this time, are immune. The timing of vaccination depend on the type of vaccine used for vaccination. For emergency prevention after a tick bite use human immunoglobulin against tick-borne encephalitis. The drug is injected not vaccinated persons, noting clinging bottoms in endemic areas. Vaccinated individuals drug is administered in the case of multiple sucking ticks, Introduction of immunoglobulin effectively within the first 72 hours after sucking ticks. Reference: Ixodid ticks are carriers of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa) natural focal diseases (tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme borreliosis, haemorrhagic fever, Crimea-Congo, tularemia and other). On the territory of Russia there are about 60 species of иксодид, of which the greatest epidemiological significance as carriers of the virus of tick-borne spring-summer encephalitis virus and Borrelia - agents, Lyme borreliosis, have the taiga tick Ixodes Persulcatus and forest tick Iricinus. In the middle strip of the first mites appear in early spring in the Sunny days on the thawed patches, peak numbers of Mature mites in may - June. The forest tick and a second period of its activity - in August-September, but the number of ticks in this time is somewhat lower than in the spring. It was at this time ticks are often attacked and per person. Ticks are concentrated along the trails and crawl against the person with vegetation. Remember that ticks attach themselves to a person is not immediately, and observance of simple preventive measures can be diagnosed faster ticks and avoid dangerous diseases, the faster will be found and removed from the body of присосавшийся mite, the smaller dose of the pathogen he will give the person. Reliable protection against tick-borne encephalitis vaccines is. As a rule, tick bites are painless. The stuck tick only be found during the inspection or by accident when mite already partially was saturated and increased in size. In places of stings usually occurs inflammation, which is expressed in the appearance of red spots on the site of the bite, which can persist for a long time.

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 16:47      |      Категория:  eng news

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