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Now what is happening on the territory of schools №№ 335

Now what is happening on the territory of schools №№ 335 Now what is happening on the territory of schools№№ 33544 5366 and 77 will track a surveillance camera. Work on installation of systems of round-the-clock video surveillance of here already underway. Increase, thus, the safety of students ordered the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev. Funds for the installation of the systems allocated from the city budget in the departmental target program "Safety of municipal educational institutions, Vladivostok, 2011-2013. Camera set around the perimeter of the building. Inside the school to monitor the situation of street monitored by security. If the camera is fixed on the territory of hooliganism, vandalism, theft, fight, or fire, guard immediately sends the information to a firefighter or police. In addition, according to school staff, camera discipline and the students themselves. «The guys know that seriously violate the procedure is to document camera", - told the janitor Elena Рябкина. Recall, from 2011 camera installed in almost half of the schools in the city. The work is ongoing. This year the works are planned in schools №№ 468254 and 47.

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 16:46      |      Категория:  eng news

As the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Primorsky Territory,
26-08-2013, 16:17, eng news
As the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Primorsky Territory, last night the duty of the Department of Internal Affairs of Russia Artem was reported that nearly one out of the...
Championship of domestic football returns to Vladivostok in the summer
25-04-2013, 11:10, eng news
Live radio "Lemma" the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev shared the news: after a couple of months in the capital of Primorye will start a neighborhood football championship......
Work continues in the schools number number 4856591166.
10-07-2013, 14:32, eng news
Work continues in the schools number number 4856591166. And also in kindergarten number 28 and number 140. In addition to aesthetics, this will help keep the heat in the institutions of the winter...
Pension Fund will support the Primorye affected by the floods
17-09-2013, 11:31, eng news
By the 53 th million rubles allocated from the reserve fund of Primorye Territory residents affected by the floods, added about 1 million rubles from the Pension Fund of Russia. Pension Fund will...
18-04-2013, 17:00, eng news
The last point of call was the Pacific Fleet South Korean port of Busan. Today, after the visit detachment ships headed for Vladivostok......
Council housing managers create Vladivostok
27-03-2013, 13:00, eng news
Public organization will solve the problems of housing and communal services faster and provide an opportunity to learn from those who were able to achieve success in disputes with...
Afternoon rains are expected in Vladivostok
9-05-2013, 10:20, eng news
In the region, partly cloudy, light rain in some places on the coast of fog. Wind southwest moderate. Air temperature +8 +30 ° C......
Popular Front for the Primorye is ready to support in future elections Igor Pushkarev
6-05-2013, 16:20, eng news
In the completion of the call participants thanked Igor Pushkarev for a two-hour conversation and expressed their willingness to support the incumbent head of the city in the next elections......
B. The citizen bought a dress in one of the malls
10-07-2013, 14:30, eng news
B. The citizen bought a dress in one of the shopping centers of the city. Gathered at the celebration, a resident of Ussuriysk wanted to make a lasting impression on the guests. Implement his plan...
Orienteers Vladivostok flashed on national competitions
3-04-2013, 07:20, eng news
Three athletes from Vladivostok brilliant performance at the event in Pyatigorsk......

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