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6-7 September in Vladivostok will work far Eastern

6-7 September in Vladivostok will work far Eastern 6-7 September in Vladivostok will work far Eastern investment Congress «far East: the vector of the investment cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region». As the correspondent of ROME «VladNews» in the Department of economy of Primorsky Krai, the event is held in accordance with the instruction of first Deputy Chairman of RF Government Igor Shuvalov. According to the organizers ' idea: the aim of the Congress discussion of approaches to the implementation of government priorities outlined in the state program of the RF Socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region, including through the creation of favourable business and investment climate, personnel maintenance of investment projects, expansion of regional integration in the system of economic relations of the Asia-Pacific countries. To participate in the Congress, invited leading Russian and foreign politicians, scientists, representatives of international corporations, experts. Now preparing the business program of the Congress. The format of the meetings and plenary discussions will discuss issues of investment cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, instruments of attracting investments, food security and enhance stability of food markets, consider the best international practice of development of territories. It should be noted that since the autumn of last year in Primorye exists Agency for attracting investments, one of the aims of which is to attract capital, including foreign. True, yet never posted by official data on the results of this Agency.

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 16:45      |      Категория:  eng news

Detachments Pacific Fleet met in the South China Sea
6-04-2013, 18:30, eng news
Ninth Pacific Fleet detachment, next to the Indian Ocean meets the eighth squad, who returns from the Gulf of Aden......
In Primorye, searching for the driver's death brought down a man
16-05-2013, 18:30, eng news
On the road "Vladivostok-Nakhodka port Eastern" unknown to the unknown car hit a man walking on the roadside. The driver, knocking the man to death, fled responsible for the accident fled the scene...
Japan wants to build factories in the Far East and spare parts
2-03-2013, 03:32, eng news
Parts from these plants the Japanese would like to send to assembly plants in Europe......
Hospice in Primorye
1-04-2013, 14:10, eng news
Vladivostok anesthetist Andrew cash for more than 10 years trying to convey to the government the need to open a hospice in Primorye. However, this is beginning to shift from a standstill until this...
Children rest in the country, specialized camps, and
7-08-2013, 17:45, eng news
Children rest in the country, specialized camps, as well as in the camps on the basis of social service agencies. A total of 2013 on rest and recuperation of children in difficult situations,...
Department of Health launched the Primorsky Territory
7-08-2013, 17:46, eng news
Department of Health Primorye work began to receive the necessary documents from the young doctors who choose to go work in the villages and towns working edge. This RIA «VladNews» said head of the...
Special operations forces will soon appear in Russia
10-03-2013, 04:05, eng news
The Russian Defense Ministry has initiated the formation of Special Operations Forces, and has even set up the necessary command......
Aug. 5 near the island of fishermen noticed Popov
7-08-2013, 17:45, eng news
Aug. 5 near the island Popov fishermen noticed a two-meter shark maneuvers which were able to take a mobile phone camera. The theme of "shark danger" has become relevant in the summer of 2011 when...
Vladivostok resident born in 1988 accused of
13-06-2013, 17:00, eng news
Vladivostok resident born in 1988 is accused of murder and illegal acquisition, use and storage of firearms and ammunition. In August 2012 not far from the car market «Green corner» on the accused...
As part of his visit to Vladivostok, vice-president of
17-09-2013, 17:22, eng news
As part of his visit to Vladivostok, vice-president of JSC "Sberbank of Russia" for the development of small businesses Sergey Borisov visited the first business in the Far East, an open loan...

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