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6-7 September in Vladivostok will work far Eastern

6-7 September in Vladivostok will work far Eastern 6-7 September in Vladivostok will work far Eastern investment Congress «far East: the vector of the investment cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region». As the correspondent of ROME «VladNews» in the Department of economy of Primorsky Krai, the event is held in accordance with the instruction of first Deputy Chairman of RF Government Igor Shuvalov. According to the organizers ' idea: the aim of the Congress discussion of approaches to the implementation of government priorities outlined in the state program of the RF Socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region, including through the creation of favourable business and investment climate, personnel maintenance of investment projects, expansion of regional integration in the system of economic relations of the Asia-Pacific countries. To participate in the Congress, invited leading Russian and foreign politicians, scientists, representatives of international corporations, experts. Now preparing the business program of the Congress. The format of the meetings and plenary discussions will discuss issues of investment cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, instruments of attracting investments, food security and enhance stability of food markets, consider the best international practice of development of territories. It should be noted that since the autumn of last year in Primorye exists Agency for attracting investments, one of the aims of which is to attract capital, including foreign. True, yet never posted by official data on the results of this Agency.

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As reported RIA Novosti, the new law
1-09-2013, 15:16, eng news
As reported RIA Novosti, the new law "On Education in the Russian Federation", intended to replace the two basic law - "On Education" (1992) and "On Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education"...
The negligent attitude of the officials of the city administration
21-09-2013, 15:57, eng news
The negligent attitude of the officials of the city administration could be one of the causes of the destruction of the dam reservoir Szymanowski. According to Andrey Prikhodko, acting chief of the...
Performance will take place on the waterfront Tsarevich 31 August
31-08-2013, 01:32, eng news
Performance will take place on the waterfront Crown Prince on August 31 and September 1 to 22 hours. "The Kingdom of Crooked" - a theatrical representation of light and music in the tradition of...
Vladivostok Bikers help protect against injury younger generation of riders
17-04-2013, 20:00, eng news
Before the end of the school year, bikers and traffic police will carry out preventive activities among high school students in the schools of Vladivostok......
Big River Ussurka in Primorye has overflowed
15-05-2013, 14:30, eng news
In Krasnoarmeyski region of Primorsky Krai has overflowed river Big Ussurka. Because of this, with the villages Sarovka, Pokrovka, Far Kut, Dersu and insular. Much Ussurka in Primorye burst its banks...
More than 450 liters of alcohol products sold illegally seized Vladivostok
21-08-2013, 18:15, eng news
Police officers together with representatives of the Federal Security Service and the Federal Migration Service of Russia Primorsky Krai held activities to curb crime in the trading markets and other...
Beauty contest among the employees of Ministry of Emergency Situations held in Vladivostok
24-04-2013, 12:21, eng news
From 22 to 24 April in the capital of Primorye, a competition "Miss DVRTS Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations." Beauty contest of beauty among employees of MES It brings beauty, worked in the...
Across Russia continues to collect aid for the victims
10-09-2013, 11:51, eng news
Across Russia continues to collect aid for the victims of the flood residents of Khabarovsk and Amur Oblast. Thus, representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Krasnoyarsk...
Unfinished at Tobolsk in Vladivostok will be delivered in November
16-09-2013, 21:10, eng news
Ends finish uncompleted at Tobolsk, 11 in Vladivostok. At present, the work is done on finishing the stairwell and elevator hall block section 6-5. One of the long-term construction in the capital of...
Youth Film Festival in Vladivostok summed up the first results
14-05-2013, 19:20, eng news
The festival is supported by the Administration of Vladivostok and the theater "Vladivostok"......

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