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Deputies cs cs believe that the number of donors in Primorye

Deputies cs cs believe that the number of donors in Primorye Deputies cs cs believe that the number of donors in Primorye need to increase to 30 per one thousand people. This indicator should bring our region to the norms of civilized countries of the world. Today, in the province for a thousand people have 11 donors. This is less than in the Khabarovsk region and in Moscow - where per thousand people, compared to just 14 donors. Joint actions, legislative support of the donor movement, popularization of this noble cause, participation of mass media - these steps comprehensively should give a positive result. Since 8 June the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Primorski Krai initiated the implementation of a «Donor Sabbath» in Vladivostok. Regional station of blood transfusion took the day off all who would share his blood. One of the first to respond to the youth cadets of the Maritime State University, students of the far Eastern state University, permanent donors. «The people responded, and it's great. Lives in us mercy and compassion, we are not indifferent, - says Anatoly Vakulenko, chief physician of the regional blood transfusion station. - Everyone who comes to the station, we try to explain why. For a person to understand what he did good work, extended someone's life. Any of us can be in a critical situation» Potential donors on a regional station of blood transfusion meet pictures of donors and those to whom they gave their blood, children with cancer. «Each donor hero is called the original exhibition, which do not need the extra words. As the press service of the AP PC, a total of 8 June in the «Donors ' Saturday» on the regional station of blood transfusion turned 125 people. After medical examinations 100 of them become donors. All collected 50 liters of blood. Anatoly Vakulenko notes that for stable operation it is necessary that a blood transfusion every day came about 80 donors: «the Blood is needed every day, accordingly, the need to replenish the stocks regularly. Therefore, such actions as «Donors ' Saturday» is an important and productive initiative. Thanks to the support of Deputy corps, the media note simply unprecedented activity!»

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 16:45      |      Категория:  eng news

In China, on the border with Russia broke through the dam.
25-08-2013, 23:02, eng news
happened. In China, on the border with Russia broke through the dam. It happened on 21 August, but only now has information on the incident. As a result of dam affected more than 16000 farmers, crops...
Beijing expects a grand flashmob
5-06-2013, 00:15, eng news
The grand flashmob "I love Beijing" will be held at the Golden Bridge in Vladivostok on July 7. Vladivostok is preparing to celebrate the City Day organizers - the application serves entire families...
Между тем в истории города достаточно событий и фактов,
2-07-2013, 11:30, eng news
Между тем в истории города достаточно событий и фактов, без всяких натяжек претендующих на самые-самые. Таковых как минимум четыре. Владивосток официально ведет свое рождение от 2 июля 1860 года, но…...
Instead harvested from Svetlanskaya tram rails already put asphalt
29-04-2013, 14:00, eng news
Work is expected to be completed by May 9 celebrations......
Yesterday, August 16 in Vladivostok, it seems, finally
17-08-2013, 17:31, eng news
Yesterday, August 16 in Vladivostok, seems to have finally completed the story of the Vladivostok State Circus, which was a change of government. Order of the Russian State Circus Company management,...
Report on income and expenditure are all, without exception, members of Primorye
28-03-2013, 05:00, eng news
Prior to these amendments marginal MPs suggested that the report will be only those who receive salaries in Sachse......
Young mothers from the third hospital in Vladivostok will be able to go on dates
28-05-2013, 09:20, eng news
First guests plan to take in the near future, when completed all the preparations......
By August 20 fully completed the reconstruction of the heating
6-08-2013, 21:02, eng news
By August 20 fully completed the reconstruction of the heating and thermal cameras, including the restoration of asphalt and green space, located at the junction of the road in the street. Russian,...
In Primorye be 30 honorary donors over
30-03-2013, 05:00, eng news
All donors are honored in accordance with the law "On the donation of blood and blood components" payment each year......
26-03-2013, 11:40, eng news
The next tournament will be held April 20 Pankration in the building Vladivostok Circus. The event is supported by the Mayor of Vladivostok......

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